December Books of the Month- BLS & ACLS Guides

Title: Basic Life Support & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Manuals
Author: American Heart Association
Genre: Medical Text

Why I Chose This Book:
With all the busyness of the holidays, working and wrapping up the end of the year I didn’t set aside enough time for leisure reading…. but I was still reading! In December, my reading time was spent brushing up on my Basic Life Support information and gaining a new certification- Advanced Cardiac Life Support. As a nurse you are required to be BLS certified and can add on ACLS as you see fit… I was happy to renew and check off these certifications to advance my skill set and get everything memorized to be 100% ready during emergency situations at work.

Whenever I tell others I’m “studying” their first response is “I thought you were done with school!” but as a nurse you are always studying something! This way you are up to date on skills and information, allowing you to give the best care for your patients. Luckily I find studying kind of fun 😉

FYI- you do not have to be a medical professional to be BLS certified! I believe this is a skill set everyone should learn, you can save lives anywhere! There are many places to register for courses, usually you can do the AHA course online & then go to a testing center for check offs, certifications are valid for 2 years. When I have a family, I for sure want all of their caregivers to be BLS certified so they can safely deliver CPR or save someone from choking –2 very important skills!

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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