My 2020 Favorites!

2020 was a year like no other, for sure! I spent majority of time at work or at home, tried to exercise more & more, focused on staying healthy, warm & cozy, all while doing my best to stay calm and entertained. Here are a few of my favorite products from 2020 that helped me achieve my goals!

Pictured Above from left to right

{Phone Soap} this device makes me feel better about using my phone 24/7, after the UV light cleans it feels like the phone is clean + shiny, brand new from the box!

{Clarisonic Facial Brush} every time I use this brush I feel the best deep clean of all time, my skin is so exfoliated and cleansed, the brush is effective and gentle

{Trader Joe’s Grapefruit Soap} this soap smells so good! I don’t necessarily care for grapefruit the food, but this soap is hands down my favorite!

{Leggings} I am building up my lululemon collection, the Align leggings are just the right fit

{Chipotle- Chips & Gauc} Chipotle has become our go to pickup place lately… the guacamole is delicious!!

{Origin Facial Masks} I’ve got 4 different kinds of masks, each specialize in different things, I really enjoy the Detox and Hydrating formulas

{Chickfila App} My other go to is Chickfila, their app is my all time favorite- the points are great and ordering is such a breeze! Sometimes I will chose one restaurant over another just based off of how easy it is to get #lazy, but I’m telling you this app makes everything so convenient! I love beating the drive thru line with a super quick mobile order pick up

{Tele-ties} My every day go to official hair scrunchie! It holds my hair so well with little creases and damage

{Apple Watch} The biggest things I use my watch for are: exercise tracking & accountability, knowing what’s going on with my phone without having to waste time checking it, playing music, HR measurement, temperature checks, EKG testing and checking the time!

{Wordpress} I transitioned my blog to WordPress this year and I have really enjoyed learning how to use this interface. At first it was super intimidating and I wasn’t sure if I had made the right move, but now I love all of the options and awesome features included!

{Nature’s Bounty- Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins} I’m not always the best at consistently taking my vitamins, but I never forget these since they taste so good! The strawberry flavor is my favorite 🙂

{Ring Doorbell} Our Ring might be the most used product in our home! It’s nice to know what’s going on at home especially if your neighborhood is as interesting as ours, it definitely gives you an extra peace of mind

{Palmetto Cheese Dip} For better or worse, this was my quarantine snack of choice! I was so obsessed with this I was probably averaging 1 jar a month!

{Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription} Mom ordered me a Martha Stewart magazine subscription earlier this year and it has been such a treat each month when one shows up! Martha has the best ideas and life inspiration!

{Roku Ultra Device} We stream all of our TV via the Roku device- YouTube TV, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix

{Glade Pumpkin Spice It Up Candle} I know I’ve mentioned these candles before, but I still can’t get enough! I’ve got a great supply and I’m hoping it lasts until next fall, we’re smelling like pumpkin spice all year!

{Compression Socks} for me, it’s not an option to go to work without wearing compression socks! They keep me going all shift and prevent my legs from feeling so tired and sore, they can be expensive, but this batch of socks have lasted for awhile

{Germ-X Hand Sanitizer} lol that I have a serious hand sanitizer opinion, but Germ-X is by far my favorite! I’ve got a travel bottle for the car, my back pack, my purse, the desk… we use it everywhere!

{Salad Spinner} This has been one of my favorite Amazon purchases! Using the salad spinner, get the lettuce so fresh and clean. I’ve been trying to make & enjoy more salads at home lately, so I’m glad to have the help of the spinner

{Apple Airpods} Airpods were one of those things that I felt stupid to buy, but now that I have them there is no going back! There were a few times I would get annoyed or tangled in my previous headphone cords, but the extra mobility provided with the wireless headphones changes everything, exercise is so much better now!

{Yeti Rambler Water bottle} This water bottle is the perfect size and I really like the lid, it keeps water freezing cold all day and of course I got it in my signature color 🙂

{Apple Music App} & {SWEAT App} the keys to my exercise routine and airpod usage! I love to listen to music while moving and the SWEAT app has the best options for at home exercise! BBG has almost killed me a few times, but I am really into the Barre program lately!

{Ugg Duffield Bathrobe} this was a gift from Dillon last Christmas and I wear it in the evenings at home as much as I can! It is extremely soft and warm, it feels like luxury every wear

{Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoe} My official new running shoe of 2020, they are comfortable and functional, the last pair of Brooks I owned lasted so long and I expect these to do the same

{Phone Clip Mount} I use this clip to watch TV on my phone while in bed 😉 I don’t do it terribly often but when I’m having trouble sleeping it’s a big help! -aka without my glasses or contacts in I can’t see anything! so setting the screen on the night stand isn’t an option… you use it more than you would think & it makes things so much easier!

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