My Favorite TV Shows

I love watching TV!

It has always been a major hobby of mine and usually the grittier the better 😉 I do have lots of diverse interests though, KUWTK and Bravo are definite mainstays during the week, and I also randomly got really back into Survivor, Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars this past year? I love having a loaded DVR with lots of choices to fast forward through as well as tons of on demand options- thank you: Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, HBO max, Youtube TV !

Listed below is a random group of my favorite shows I have enjoyed SO MUCH over the years, they’re in no particular order, I just thought I would put them together if you’ve got some extra time at home this winter!

Have you watched any of these shows before? Did you love them as much as I did? I’m worried I may have missed some since I typed up the list quickly, please leave your recommendations!

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  1. Breaking Bad & Gossip Girl two of my favs! ♥️

    Posted 1.14.21 Reply
    • 418blair wrote:

      Yess!! 2 of the very best, good taste! 🙂

      Posted 1.15.21 Reply


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