Bullet Journaling for Beginners!

Bullet Journals for Beginners…. and by beginners I mean me! Earlier this week on my walk I was listening to The Bellas Podcast, their featured guest was The Ladygang’s Keltie Knight, the girls discussed bullet journaling & how it was the ultimate self care! After the podcast I quickly went on Amazon, cashed in a Christmas gift card and got all of the supplies!

We’ve got a lot coming up this year with wedding and life in general… I am forever making lists & drawing out my ideas… so I think keeping everything together in one place- the BuJo will make things much easier & fun!

I’ve always had an obsession with planners, calendars, etc & any task or list is much better if its drawn out, colored in or earns a check on the list 😉 So bullet journaling seems like the natural next step!

So my Amazon order is here & I’m so pumped!! I’ve already filled in a few pages with wedding checklists, study plans and 2021 timelines! Gotta stay organized!! I’ll be sure to share my updates as the year goes on… love the stickers, pens and stencils already! {Starter Kit Link Here}

The BuJo community is another level I scrolled on Pinterest and found lots of inspo! From what I understand, people bullet journal anything / everything! It can be whatever you want it to be- day planner, diary, meditation journal, daily logs, notes, calendar…. I love having a cute notebook to brain dump personal & professional goals & I think it will be fun to have it all in one place to look back on one day. There’s a whole system you can research with keys & index tools you can make, but I plan to fill it up with all my ideas I normally scribble on random notebook sheets around the house! Nothing says Happy New Year like a new notebook! Yay!

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