My Monthly Recap- January 2021

***Last year, I challenged myself to posting every Friday for #BhappyFriday! I love that I was able to complete it & I love having all of the posts to look back on, especially during the tumultuous year that was 2020. This year, I’ve decided to mix things up and try out monthly recaps… 2021 will be a busy year, so I think this might be a more feasible idea.


January is always an exciting time at the beginning of year, so much hope & new plans in store! This IS the year we get married & I hope a lot of other dreams come true, so cheers to the many adventures in store for 2021! I’m sure I will be clinging to my planner in the days ahead- appointments, work schedules, day trips to Boone, meeting payment deadlines… there is a lot to keep up with!


This month I worked ALL NIGHT SHIFTS! This is very unusual for me but it felt good to start the year off with some extra money and with a change in pace in regards to workload. I also 100% completed my COVID vaccine sequence at the beginning of the month, I am very thankful for the opportunity to get the vaccine so early and this helps to ease my mind in the coming days…


2 of my very favorite BIRTHDAYs are in January and I was so happy to celebrate them in person! 1st- Dad’s birthday, 12th and next Brooke’s birthday- 17th! We celebrated with eating good… Embur for Dad & Angus Barn for Brooke!

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