My Monthly Recap- February 2021


Official wedding appointments are underway! I’m excited to actually alter my dress and finalize details, it’s really happening! Mind you, I purchased this dress wayyyy back in February of 2019?! So after 2 years of wedding plans changing, etc I hadn’t even looked at my dress in over a year! Que the panic & stress –do I even like this dress anymore?! definitely crossed my mind… but actually interacting with the dress again & trying it on has helped to calm my nerves and make things exciting! I can’t believe I’ve kept this surprise from Dillon for SO LONG!


I’m back to day shifts now and I had been using my off days to cram for the PCCN Exam. PCCN is the Progressive Care Certified Nursing certification granted by the American Association of Critical Care Nursing. Nurses are only eligible to sit for this exam after working directly with acutely ill patients for 1,750+ hours in the past 2 years. I studied so hard for this exam and was so anxious come test day, but I PASSED!!!! It was challenging and rewarding at the same time, nurses like me are gluttons for extra homework ๐Ÿ˜‰


For Valentine’s Day this year I was so excited to surprise Dillon with an App State Basketball Fan Box! I read all of the Alumni emails and saw a give-away for the Basketball team spirit box, I knew Dillon had never heard of them since they’re new for 2021 so I ordered one right away! It was the perfect thing for at home fans- an App State basketball hoop, sweat bands, coasters, tailgate recipes, fan banners… the only problem was it arrived while I was at work and had APP STATE HOOPS printed on the box! ~Happy Early Valentines! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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