“Bashlorette” Weekend Welcome Bags!

Devon & I got to the beach the night before the other guests to set everything up. I really enjoyed getting the bedrooms ready and packaging the Welcome Bags! After all of the random online orders, moving & packing… it was so refreshing to see everything organized, set up & in the same place!

Our treats were totally on theme- Troop Beverly Hills! Bring on all the pink & green, please!!

In The Wilderness Of Life, We Can Never Be Too Prepared.


PERSONALIZED PALM FROND BAG | Thanks to the Knot for the perfect beach bag to keep everything together!

TROOP BEVERLY HILLS SWEAT SHIRT | my favorite souvenir! April can be tricky with weather & I love a good sweatshirt year round, so I picked these for the Spring breeze

PERSONALIZED BEACH TOWEL | super happy with how these turned out, so soft, big & loved the screen print!

SUN VISOR | party hats are a must.

HEART EYE SUNGLASSES | so fun! all the heart eyes for: girls getaways, birthdays, gossip, drinks & sunshine!

SPECIALITY COOKIES | these BEAUTIFUL & DELICIOUS cookies made the party! One of those treats that you never want to touch & never stop eating all at the same time! THANK YOU ONE BELLE BAKERY, SO TALENTED!

TOWEL CLIPS | I’ve shared my love for these clips before, perfect addition for 0 towel slippage by the pool

SUNSCREEN | beach defense was necessary, especially on the boat!

COOZIE | Devon even found patches & personalize these herself 🙂

INITIAL MUG | you’ve got to know whose coffee is whose

RING POP | all the sweets please

I was so happy to get together with some of my best friends / unofficial bridal party to celebrate all of the occasions! I realize we had unique circumstances surrounding this celebration (COVID / wedding changes x10 / not having a standard bridal party) so it didn’t necessarily apply, but PRO TIP– your friends don’t want “Bridesmaid” “Bride Tribe” “Bride Gang” …. as much fun as Bride merch is, I can assure you’ve I’ve rarely cared to re-ware any of the girl gang gear… try using initials or their name for personalization, can’t go wrong there!

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