My Monthly Recap- May 2021


WE GOT MARRIED!!!! I cannot even put into words how exciting, joyful, fun, happy, relieving & special our wedding day was! I am so thankful the day came together and we were able to enjoy Boone with our family! I can’t wait to catch up on all the blog posts and fill everyone in on the festivities! ~For now, I’m on Cloud 9 with my HUSBAND!


In order to get it all done I’ve been away from work. I am so thankful to my amazing coworkers who have helped me and encouraged me while I keep my head above water these past few weeks! It has not been easy to make it to the finish line and I know I’ve been such a baby to be around lately… but we made it!


The day after our wedding we jetted off to Mexico for our HONEYMOON!!!! It was the most MAGICAL trip of my life and hands down the BEST VACATION OF ALL TIME!!!!!! I’ll have plenty of recap posts to update you all soon!!!! Everyone should make a trip to XCaret, I have never enjoyed a vacation so much in my life!!!

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