Packing for: OUR HONEYMOON!

Packing for our honeymoon was such a fun challenge! We booked our trip pretty last minute, so I was up at night online after work finding all kinds of pieces, mixing & matching with what I already had + a few last minute trips to Southpoint! (I’m very thankful for express shipping) Dressing for a Mexican getaway is fun! I love all of the bright & cheerful colors & styles, now I’ve caught myself wanting to wear resort style all Summer!

At our resort the vibe was- whatever you want to stay cool in during the day, usually a lot of swimsuits or activewear if you’re doing an excursion… then dress up for dinner! Here are some of my favorite pieces from our adventure!

BIG SUN HAT | c/o my sister’s closet! but I linked a similar one, this kept me officially sunburn free!

WATER PROOF CELL PHONE LANYARD | we utilized the lanyards all day at the water parks! I was amazed how well they worked, keeping our phones dry & safe during our activities

AVIATOR SUNGLASSES | my go to sunglasses, polarized FTW!

FOAM SLIDES | waterproof and so comfortable by the pool ๐Ÿ™‚

TELE-TIES | my favorite hair scrunchies!

FOR YOUR HEART ONLY ANIMAL PRINT MIDI DRESS | I really enjoyed midi dresses this trip & this was my favorite for our dinner dates!

READING MATERIAL | I took along The Cousins to read by the pool & I loved it! My book review is {here}

LIME GREEN BIKINI | my all time favorite color & the perfect suit for the rooftop pool!

FLAMINGO BIKER SHORTS | I wore these to the parks, so comfortable

ZIP FRONT RASH GUARD BATHING SUIT | this was my adventure suit- perfect for swimming with dolphins, kayaking, rafting!

JCREW WHITE TUNIC DRESS | a light weight summer dress, I loved the sleeves!

KEEN WHISPER SANDALS | the best active shoes I’ve had so far! PERFECT for kayaking, ziplining, hiking


ONE SHOULDER TWO PIECE SLIT SKIRT | a Kim K inspired look, so fun for Mexico!

MAGNETIC EYE LASHES | these were recommended by Summerhouse’ Paige! We realized how great Dillon is at applying them during our trip ๐Ÿ˜‰

CHACHA CROSSBODY BAG | a dinner purse just big enough for my camera, mask & wallet!

WATER PROOF POUCH PACK | this was another great purchase, I utilized this at the water parks & activities!

PINA COLADA YELLOW BEADED EARRINGS | coordinated perfectly with a few of my pineapple outfits, loving the beaded earrings trend, so fun!

LEOPARD PRINT TASSEL COVER UP | I enjoyed having a cover up around the resort, perfect for in between the pool and beach

PLEAT & THANK YOU TEAL MIDI DRESS | another dinner date look…

DEAR DIEGO CLUTCH | gifted to me prior to the trip, this is made by Mexican designers from recycled plastics!

PINK MAXI DRESS | this was an easy dress I wore multiple times, easy to toss on after a long day in the sun

IDARA ONE SHOULDER DRESS | this was a fun dress to wear, when I saw it I immediately thought Mexico!

IMPEL SANDAL | wore these shoes with a lot of my dinner outfits, liked the neutral color & height of the heel

INITIAL GOLD CHAIN NECKLACE | now I’ve got to add R ‘s to my wardrobe!

LOU & GREY TWO PIECE LOUNGE SET | I loved this outfit for lounging on our balcony at night, so comfortable!

STACKABLE SILICONE RINGS | We didn’t pack our wedding bands! Seems kind of silly now, but I enjoyed only having to worry about keeping up with a plastic ring while we swam, partied, ziplined, traveled, you name it!

ORANGE ZIPPER BIKINI | another good adventure suit & another fun NEON

OCEANS OF LOVE BLUE OMBRE MAXI DRESS | our ocean water was more teal, but the blues fit in just fine!

REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN | the parks & resort required “reef safe” sunscreen, it has less toxins & chemical ingredients to protect the natural reefs after you’re done swimming amongst it, the sunscreen is more expen$ive, but we plan to continue to use it, the less toxins the better

LILLY PULITZER MASK SETS | we wore masks the entire trip- on the plane, at the resorts & parks. I enjoyed having the different Lilly prints to chose from & keep things bright, fun!

~As much as I would have love to come back with tons of amazing outfit photo shoots in all of our beautiful locations, this will just have to do! Dillon was happy to just enjoy our trip too, so that’s for sure worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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