My Monthly Recap- April 2021


Life is full of surprises and this April was full of them! The biggest change was for sure our unexpected move, I had planned to live at our townhouse until we bought a house, but with the current real estate market and many other outside circumstances + the upcoming wedding… there really wasn’t another option. Now was the time to find a new safe place, where we could find respite and prepare for our future wedding & married life; it was a rushed and chaotic process but we found what we needed and I’m thankful.


While we were moving and adjusting to our new location I got the call that my Grandmother had to suddenly be hospitalized… My Grandma is one of the primary figures in my life, so of course I got to her as soon as possible. My family rallied around her taking shifts at the hospital and creating a care plan for recovery and life after discharge. This was Grandma’s Easter Dinner we shared together… The best thing about nursing is that you can share your skills & knowledge with anyone at any time, whether I’m at work or at home my skill set is useful. It is a privilege to be able to care for others, especially my own family during their time of need. Shout out to my actual job- who has been beyond accommodating and helpful to me while I navigate all of these sudden changes.


Oh yeah, back to the fun! So my sister had planned a 30th Birthday / Bachelorette Party weekend for myself and my best friends… we had been squeezing in the planning in between work, house hunting, the move, caring for Grandma, Devon’s many dental school commitments… I honestly don’t know how this weekend came together?!

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