After the best honeymoon ever & being in lock down mode for the last year + Dillon and I were ready for another trip as soon as we got the chance! So when a last minute large gap in my schedule appeared, Dillon surprised with a trip to Disney! Why not?! I had 2 weeks to get a bag together, just enough time for Amazon & express shipping deliveries to make it, so challenge accepted! Here is a look at what I got together for 5 hot days of Disney in August….

BROOKS LEVITATE 4 RUNNING SHOES | super comfortable, light weight summer tennis shoes -great for the parks!

MINI SPRAY FAN KEYCHAIN | a smaller portable option wayyy cheaper than what’s available in the parks & is really refreshing when dying of heat in line

90s RECTANGLE SUNGLASSES | I love a cheap trendy pair of sunglasses, this way I can enjoy wearing them but won’t be devastated if they break or disappear on my trip

NIKE SKORT | comfortable, versatile, cool to wear, need I say more?

TELE TIES | hair up was the only way in August at the parks

ACTIVE WEAR DRESS- GREEN | Tennis dresses became my new vibe for the trip, they are so cool, comfy & easy to wear!

ACTIVE CROP TOP | loved this crop top! a fun twist on a tee, much cooler & active wear material!

FACE MASKS | face masks were no longer required in the parks, but we wore ours in line, on the bus & on rides, essentially any time we were around a big cluster of people for an extended period of time which was definitely more than I preferred… the park was SO CROWDED

ACTIVE WEAR DRESS- WHITE | enjoyed this dress at Epcot! the open back made it even cooler to wear!

MICKEY MOUSE HAT | shocking I know, but most Mickey memorabilia is cheaper outside of the park ๐Ÿ˜‰

COTTON ROMPER | easy, light weight chill option to change into after a long day at the park

APPLE WATCH | gotta keep up with my steps, notifications, temps, apple pay etc etc! the watch is such a great tool to have

ACTIVE WEAR DRESS- ORANGE | another tennis dress for the win!

BLACK STRIPED SET | a super comfy casual set, to be tucked in or out, looks good either way!


THREE PIECE HAWAIIN SET | a fun dinner outfit, the matching set gave me JB vibes! lol

LULULEMON SWEAT SOCKS | super comfortable & breathable, the only way for August in Florida

TWIST TEES | if you’re going to wear a t-shirt might as well make it stylish!

PINK ACTIVE SET | easy, cute & comfortable

SUNSCREEN | a given, the more the merrier!

KEEN SANDALS | I enjoy my Keens wayy more than I ever did my Chacos! I said what I said.

RAYBAN SUNGLASSES | because you switch to your nice sunglasses for dinners out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

STRIPED RUFFLE HEM BABYDOLL DRESS | I love this dress & I get so many compliments when I wear it out, it is such a cheerful fabric & easy, ready to wear!

ONZIE LEOPARD BIKER SHORTS | the perfect choice for Animal Kingdom! love the knee length shorts lately!

HIGH WAISTED TENNIS SKIRT | or Skort if you will, the perfect way to look put together & be park play ready!

PONCHO | we always scoop up some 99 cent ponchos BEFORE we get to the parks! As soon as it rains so many people come up to us & ask where can I get one of those?! Ponchos are much more expensive in the park, so it definitely helps to plan ahead & if you get a bunch of cheapo ones you can just toss it after a wet rainy day in the park

SPORTS BRA | I love these sports bra from VS years ago, these Target knock offs are the next best thing!

LULULEMON EVERYWHERE BELT BAG | hands down my favorite bag right now!! I bought a second bag for Dillon while we were down there for his gear! it is the perfect size & fit for on the go days!

ACTIVE WEAR DRESS- BLACK | I’ll be adding this dress into my rotation even when I get back home!

HANDSANITIZER KEY CHAIN | hand sanitizer all day every day, especially at a theme park!!

lol It’s true what they say, the weeks before the vacation are when the real $$ is spent!

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