My Monthly Recap- August 2021


I was sick for most of this month, but luckily it was consolidated to a couple of weeks. Illness is exhausting and stressful, it really makes you appreciate your health & “normal” lifestyle. Down times also make you really appreciate the extra love & help from family + friends. I truly appreciate those who extra reached out & supported me this month.


I was promoted to a Clinical Nurse III !!!! Check out my new pin! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m extra proud of myself & my friend Maddie, who has kept me accountable all along the way… together we worked to make sure we gained CN 3 status the absolute 1st day eligible! With this promotion comes more unit responsibilities and continuing education benefits, this isn’t a requirement but 1 step up on the clinical ladder! Some nurses never bother to worry about CN 3 which is totally fine, but I wanted to advance & continue to progress. Making the CN 3 binder & studying for the PCCN weren’t easy, but I enjoy having a project, learning new things & having something going that keeps me on my toes!


Elizabeth & Blaine, two of my best friends from Duke tied the knot! I was on doggy duty for part of the day- gotta love Reagan!! & after such a sweet ceremony, great food, drinks… we danced the night away!

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