Our Wedding | Bride & Groom Portraits

After we left the reception we checked into Chetola Resort at Blowing Rock, we arrived in style thanks to Air Haven Limo services… their Excalibur was amazing to ride in down the parkway on our beautiful day! Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, here we were for part two!! Such a great idea, thank you to Mom for thinking of it and my parents for gifting us our stay! My sister even made the sign for the car, isn’t she great at calligraphy?!

It was a dream.

The grounds at Chetola Resort are exquisite and it was the perfect backdrop for our portraits together… I literally just jumped in the car after our reception, hours after getting ready and didn’t even check my teeth or anything?! I’m glad we were still put together even later in the afternoon…. wedding day magic!

I will cherish these photos forever.

As if Chetola wasn’t amazing enough, we essentially had the place to ourselves
and a family a swans joined in for our shoot, following us all around the lake!

I am so thankful this day actually happened & came together so well!
We are so blessed to have kicked off our marriage in the most perfect way for us!

All images courtesy of Ashley | Natural Craft Photography

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