Our Wedding Video by Carlisle Films

THANK YOU TO Carlisle Films for being the BEST VIDEOGRAPHER!

It is 100% true what they say… your wedding day goes by so fast!! Its a blur?! You spend so much time planning, making decisions & payments then you wake up a week later like, did that really happen?! Therefore I love the fact that we have video of the special day. When I watch the highlight film ^^ it is the perfect synopsis of our afternoon and I can’t help that it brings tears to my eyes!! Our photography is also a masterpiece and I’m forever thankful for ALL of our photos but it’s something about a video that brings it all together and makes you feel like you’re really there all over again!? I love that I can relive our vows & toasts any time!

To be honest, during wedding planning videography was one of the first cutbacks I made… but after all of the changes with COVID, venues, guest lists, etc I really wanted a video to share with our loved ones who we unfortunately couldn’t have there. A few of my friends who are already married chimed in it doesn’t matter we don’t really watch our video or omgosh, get a videographer -its my biggest regret not having?! but ultimately it’s up to you. I began the search some what last minute, but hey it was 2020-2021, what is a plan during this time anyway?!

& enter, Carlisle Films… Drew was a total dream to work with! I randomly discovered his work during one of my MANY late night google sessions, drowning in the internet… emailing, contacting, pricing out… and then I found Carlisle Films! I watched a ton of his videos and thought each was so perfect!! I nit pick everything to death & I loved the quality of his work- drone usage, richness of the films, music, smoothness of the editing… so I reached out & held my breath for his response…. he was AVAILABLE for our date & his pricing packages were very fair, I couldn’t believe it?! -Booked!

Day of, he was so professional with top notch equipment, I barely even knew he was there?! We got great footage & the turn around time was incredible! I never thought I would get to watch our videos ON our honeymoon?! Insane! So thankful we got the opportunity to work together, everyone has enjoyed our videos so much & I’m so happy to have them!! I highly recommend Carlisle Films for any of your future events!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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