My Monthly Recap- October 2021

October was a great month! A “good busy” so let’s get right to it!


We celebrated my little sister receiving her white coat at the UNC Dental White Coat ceremony! It was a big weekend event, we got to attend the ceremony, tour campus & practice dental skills in the lab! I admire Devon for her hard work & dedication to her craft, but this only confirmed my hatred of drills, especially near your mouth!! AHHHH

We made it home for a Saturday in PG, the Reddicks host the best drive way parties! So fun!


I made a new record at work! Nursing schedules are crazy especially inpatient and during a pandemic… I try not to be at work too much but sometimes you’ve got to take the PLUNGE and go for it! To those on the outside it would seem like I am talking in code which I am! lol but my quirky schedule this week included: 5 DAY shifts, 1 float, 2 SI shifts, 1 preceptor + ID Time! Plus I picked up a few nights and took on my new role as Charge RN! Phew! The average shift is usually a 14 hour commitment. I’m tired & usually look like this 70% of the time lol my secret is out. Work is weird, it is so challenging, exhausting & insane but something about it keeps me coming back for more!

I’ve also had to say goodbye to some of my most favorite coworkers this month…. happy for them / sad for me -ugh. This was our final (for now!) toast to Taylor! So excited and proud of her new adventures on the horizon, dinner was at Viceroy in Durham, Indian cuisine -yum!


Celebrated the new addition to the Selph family! Baby Miles you are so loved already.

Jonas Brothers concert with Devon! We missed the Happiness Begins tour…. never again!

For those of you asking, I found my shirt on Amazon!

Pinegrove concert with Dillon & Olivia! at one of our FAVORITE venues- Haw River Ballroom 🙂
*a Pinegrove song is what inspired Dillon to propose…. so I’m forever indebted to them, lol I bought a sweatshirt

I got in the Halloween spirit & decorated our home all over! {Halloween Recap here!}

Dillon & I carved pumpkins at Spring Haven Farm in Chapel Hill, NC it is a goat farm that hosts all kinds of special events! The goats helped us carve & clean up our mess, they loved eating pumpkin! They weren’t shy at all and it was so fun!

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