Happy Halloween! & Dia de los Muertos!


This is Dillon & I’s first married holiday season, so I wanted to start things off strong & really celebrate big time! To me, going over the top for holidays helps to make those memories extra special and I plan to celebrate everything with my new family in a fun way for years to come!

A holiday I would like to incorporate into our lives together is Dia de los Muertos, so we began this new tradition this year! If you are unfamiliar with this holiday, essentially it is a celebration to honor your family who have already passed away. As I get older, I have just as many memories with those living & who have already passed, and it seems so strange and sad to no longer mention them or celebrate the holiday seasons with their presence.

If you haven’t seen the movie COCO, I highly recommend it, I was so touched & inspired by this film there was no way I could ever overlook this amazing celebration again! In an effort to be as respectful as possible & avoid any cultural appropriation issues I have done my research, read some great articles {link here} and discussed this with those of Hispanic heritage & the general consensus has been the more the merrier, which I am so thankful for!

I enjoyed expanding our holiday decor collection & look forward to building our celebration out more & more! Our place was a festive place to be & we even dressed up for Halloween + attended a concert on Franklin Street! Hooray for the Holidays!

It was fun to blend the two holidays, being that they are the same weekend… I found so much of our table items at the dollar store! & I even dispersed our Mexican treat baskets from our honeymoon across the table, I love sentimental details!

Our pumpkins lasted till Halloween as well! Not my top carving job, but we had a blast on the farm with our goat assistants! Shout out to Spring Haven Farm for the fun event! & Cheers to the beginning of our 1st married holiday season!

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