Preparing for Puppy: New Mini Goldendoodle Shopping List

If you’re looking to get a puppy right now, CONGRATULATIONS!! best decision of all time! Get ready for so much LOVE + FUN!!! & If you’re a first time puppy parent like myself, get ready for information overload & lots of shopping & wondering am I getting the necessary stuff?? What am I doing??

Don’t worry once the social media algorithm figures out you’re shopping for a dog, there will be PLENTY of ads telling you what you need lol but I put together this initial list of the “essentials.” Preparing for a puppy requires a lot of upfront costs and new supplies, so without being too overwhelming here is a good starter pack to make sure they are fed, clean, safe & comfortable during those first few days together.

I placed the biggest order ever and it was exciting for all of the items to trickle in while we awaited her arrival! I also enjoyed visiting our local Target & Petco for last minute & in person purchases!

Our Go To Products So Far!

SHERPA DOG CARRIER | we initially used this for pick up from the breeder, but she outgrew our bag really quickly & we didn’t use it too much, I think it would be helpful for transport/travel if you’re by yourself

GROOMING WIPES | we wipe Lucy’s paws every time she comes inside & wipe her bottom after every bathroom break this keeps her extra clean & healthy and makes me feel better with her walking all over our house

TEETHING RING | so much CHOMPING I had no idea, she especially likes this after it has been in the freezer

PURINA PRO PLAN PUPPY FOOD | our dog food of choice, she seems to really enjoy the chicken flavor

PLASTIC ADJUSTABLE DOG PEN | we made a big pen and placed all of her living items inside, this pen has been the best thing for her to claim as her space in the house, there’s enough room for her to sleep and play and we can put her away safely without worrying about her roaming around and destroying something when we leave or if it’s time for a break, sometimes she acts like it’s a “penitentiary” but she enjoys it after she calms down. Love this pen & the doggy door!

COLLAPSABLE TRAVEL DOG BOWL | great for on the go, easy to pack & ready to be filled with water or snacks!

EMBROIDERED COLLAR | I got her collar embroidered because I don’t like the sound of the clanging tags

RETRACTABLE LEASH | this is a great leash for play time, allows a little more slack to run & go up the stairs easily

SNUGGLE PUPPY | some puppies cherish their snuggle puppies, I haven’t seen that in Lucy… but she did sleep with it consistently the first month, it has a heart beat & heat pack for the inside, I think it did comfort her at night, she never tried to eat this toy, so it must be special

TEETHING CHEW TOY | she is in love with this key chain set, gobbles it up every chance she gets, another freezer friendly toy for longer lasting fun

COMBO GROOMING BRUSH | the experts say to start brushing from the start so they will cooperate, we have been brushing her all over & providing treats as we go, she gets so distracted by the food she will go along with anything & doesn’t seem to mind… team no matts over here!

FLEECE DOG CRATE LINER MAT | our trainer said not to put anything in the crate at first at the risk of it being soaked in urine, but luckily Lucy hasn’t had any accidents in her crate! We’ve used this mat more as a place marker or a comfy bed to stretch on in the living room

PUPPY SHAMPOO | this Burts Bees formula smells so good!

KONG PUPPY CHEWS | We love KONG!! the ultimate chew toy, doesn’t fall apart & can be filled with snacks!! we have gotten multiple kongs so we can have some stuffed & waiting in the freezer

POTTY TRAINING PADS | I was glad to have these at the beginning for back up, but we didn’t really use them for potty training, it felt confusing to allow her to pee in the house in some places? She’s still learning though, so I like having them when we go to other places, just in case!

PLUSH TOY- LAMB CHOP | her first soft toy, she loved cuddling with it & was scared of the squeaker feet, a few weeks later she had chomped down to inside seems & got the squeaker out! Lamb Chop is now retired

HARNESS | I like having a harness because I hate to see an excited puppy get pulled on the neck by the collar, we use the harness in the car as well, she really isn’t phased by wearing it & they look cute! I splurged & got the Wild One walk set, I liked the color! 😉

5 FT LEASH | a great leash for a walk or quick bathroom trip outside

WASTE BAGS & HOLDER KEY CHAIN | I’ve been amazed how quickly we through bags! but the keychain is a must to make sure you’ve always got one on hand

DOG BLANKET | her own blanket for all the snuggles, just the right size

MINI MILK BONES | mini milk bones are her designated “crate treat” she only gets them there & is very motivated to quickly get in her crate to enjoy her snack

NYLA BONE TEETHING TOYS | she has enjoyed every flavor, the nyla bones don’t last as long as the kong chews but are a good alternative

WIRE CRATE | I goofed and got her a larger crate then recommended, but her crate came with a divider so we utilized that to keep it smaller… they say to keep the space smaller so they don’t have room to go to the bathroom, but Lucy loves to stretch out as long as possible, so the larger crate actually worked out & so far so good, no accidents in the crate! yay!

SHAG DONUT CUDDLER DOG BED | we love this bed! I’ve never felt anything softer!!

FEEDING BOWLS w/ SILICONE MAT | I like the silicone mat to keep the bowls in place & prevent spills, the metal bowls are easy to clean & don’t hold odor… Lucy loves the sound of the metal bowls, it means dinner time!

DOG FOOD STORAGE BIN | the air tight seal keeps things fresh & I like having the bin vs a sloppy bag for her to bite through & for us to smell… this size bin holds a large 18lb bag of food




Once you get to know your dog better you will have a better idea of what more kinds of toys they would enjoy and you can expand the treats they get and so on… For the first few weeks I think I only shopped for Lucy! but now I feel like we’re in a good rhythm and she’s got plenty of items to keep her happy! We rotate her toys out a lot for even wear & so every day she thinks she has something new!

^lol at the puppy tail, a picture w/o Lucy? what?!

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