Homemade Pupsicle Bites!


I would describe these treats as frozen smoothie bars! I have been wanting to make Lucy a homemade treat and thought these would be a fun place to start! Now, before I ever made her this treat, I let her try each ingredient separately over a period of a few days… just to make sure she liked them & there were no allergies, we were clear! -phew! After I knew she could safely consume these dog friendly people foods I was excited to mix them up & see how she enjoyed it!

For our first batch we mixed- strawberries, banana, plain Greek yogurt, coconut water & peanut butter together in the blender. I made sure to wash all organic produce thoroughly & used our favorite peanut butter from Oliver’s Collar! Our new favorite pet boutique in Durham ๐Ÿ™‚

I thoroughly blended the ingredients & poured into our silicone treat molds to prep for freezing, Lucy supervised the entire time and was SO EXCITED with all the smells, she was more than happy to lick the spatula when I was done!

Let the molds freeze for ~ 3 hours ish or until solid, then pop out & store in a freezer safe container… our treats were sticking together so I lined the layers with parchment paper so we could get them out easier & faster for our ready to chomp puppy!!

SHE LOVES THESE TREATS SO MUCH!!! Now we can’t even open the freezer door without her running up in hopes we’re pulling out a snack for her! They could melt & make a mess but she gobbles them up so fast it’s not a big deal, she couldn’t even wait for her picture! It makes me happy she actually likes something I made for her!

Freezer snacks last ~3 months and 1 batch lasts us a while, we use them for high value rewards! I’ve been trying out more recipes I’ll share too but the following 2 are the top favorites, see full recipes below for measurements:

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