Our 1st Month with Lucy!!

Our first month with Lucy has been wild! Somehow she feels brand new & like she has always been our pet at the exact same time! She is so much work but I also don’t know what I would do without her! I never thought I could love a puppy so much, she makes our hearts burst with joy!


We picked Lucy at 12 weeks old, now she is 16 weeks! In just 1 month I hadn’t realized how much she had grown until I looked back at pictures, it’s insane!! Now I wish we had picked her up earlier so we could enjoy her baby face longer 😉 She is 12.4 pounds! Averaging ~1 lb a week right now!


So far Lucy has really enjoyed snuggling in her Best Friend Snuggle Bed, having Dillon carry her like a baby to go outside, she enjoys doing tricks & will do ANYTHING for rotisserie chicken, she has discovered her love of snuggling on the couch & playing with her Lamp Chop and Crinkle Bear! She is also a major KONG product fan! We fill up her chews with snacks & she will lick & chew for a whole 20 mintues sometimes! So far the only thing she doesn’t like is being left alone for any minute of time 😉 & these low calorie training snacks I picked up (literally the only thing I’ve ever seen her spit out/not want)


Currently Lucy eats 1/2 cup of Purina Pro Plan Puppy food twice a day! First scoop is around 8am & second is around 6pm. She gobbles it up so fast I considered getting a slow feeder… but she doesn’t get choked up or anything so for now we’re letting her go for it. She also get lots of kibble in between meals for training treats!


At night we will take away her water around 9pm, tuck her in around 10:30pm, meaning in her crate door locked inside her pen which is outside the room from us… she will pout for at least 30 minutes and then finally go to sleep. On a good night, she usually sleeps until ~3-4am then she is wimpering and trying to get out because she needs to go to the bathroom. We’ll take her out, she goes back to sleep quickly back in her pen and then wakes up again around 8:30am? We take her out right away then it is time for breakfast! During the day she is pretty good about napping but we have to put her up for her to actually rest.


Currently it is winter & we’re on the 3rd floor of our apartment, so going out requires QUICKLY putting on your coat & shoes, whisking her up & getting her down the stairs to the grass as soon as you pick up on her needing to go out. It is a mad dash! During the day we be sure to take her out as soon as she wakes up from any nap and ~15-20 minutes after every meal, we also make sure to take her out every 2 hours regardless just to make sure! There’s been a few times we get to playing or people come over & we don’t take her out, of course there’s an accident! Dillon is much better at potty training then I am, I swear most of the accidents are on my watch?! ugh


For the 1st month together we have really made it count! We traveled to Arkansas, so fortunately Devon baby sat her for the ENTIRE WEEKEND! and they had a blast! We all traveled home for Thanksgiving– where Lucy met both sides of the family very early on! & all the doggos! She had her first vet check up & she can now walk up 1 whole big flight of stairs independently! I’m so happy that Lucy is friendly to pups & people and she does very well in the car! Once she warms up, she is happy everywhere! she even got zoomies in the vet office!

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