Merry Christmas! | Our 2021 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from the Reddick family!!

This is our very first official married Christmas & our first Christmas with Lucy, so there is so much to celebrate this year! As we build our family, a tradition I would like to follow is to send out a Christmas card each year, so this year I was bound and determined to squeeze it in no matter what!

As with everything, I am learning… the sooner you get started the better! That’s how I discovered even November is cutting it close with creating your card -ahh! There are so many steps to this: find a photographer, book photographer on a day that coordinates with the whole family & crazy work schedules…. figure out outfits, take the pictures, patiently wait for a photo delivery, figure out who has the best options for your card, design your card, order cards, patiently await delivery… get all of your needed addresses together, actually buy stamps, stuff, seal, & mail ~phew!!

After lots of online shopping around, I ended up going with Simply to Impress designs & no, not because Kyle Richards and family advertised ๐Ÿ˜‰ but in my opinion they had the most options, best design choices & definitely best prices! I was amazed by different rates & the cost of foil!

Faith V Photography took our photos at Raleigh Rose Garden, it was a chilly December day (actually moments before we caught our flight to AR!) and she was so wonderful to work with! I was happy with how our photos turned out & Lucy actually did very well at her first photo shoot! I will cherish these pictures forever & I love that I was able to match with 2 of my favorites, buffalo plaid for the win!
Dillon’s shirt | My pants | Lucy’s bandana

Slowing down to fill out the cards and writing notes to our friends & family warmed my heart and I realized how much I love snail mail & Christmas cards! It was such a special privilege to have our own first family card!! I love my new family so much and I love getting to celebrate with them & our wonderful friends & family during this holiday season! Thank you 2021 for being good to us! I will be ready to go next year, my goal is to be addressing envelopes while eating fresh Thanksgiving leftovers ๐Ÿ˜‰ fingers crossed!

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