Puppy Purchases, Part 2!

The first few months of “puppy hood” it seems like there is always something to buy! After you feel confident they can survive with what you have… then you move on to what do we need to make our lives easier, or what would our puppy extra enjoy having? You come across things you never even knew existed & next thing you know it’s in your cart?! Some of the following items were gifted to us, but all of the following are *extras* we couldn’t do without lately!

MOBILE DOG GEAR BAG | this backpack “diaper bag” is the best for packing everything up & traveling for the day there are compartments for everything & when you’re alone the backpack is the only way to carry everything + doggy in one trip, to see what packed in it for Puppy Class {link here}

ROPE SOCK TOY | anything that can withstand Lucy’s chompers and keeps her interested is a win! Something as simple as a sock toy is all that it takes sometimes & that is more than OK with us!

STUFFED SHIN BONES | this is a high value treat, something we would give her to work on if we leave her alone at the house or need her to be extra quiet on an important zoom call etc

DOG TOOTH BRUSH | believe it or not, you’ve got to keep those pup teeth clean! Lucy has gotten her teeth brushed since the beginning so she really doesn’t mind the peanut butter toothpaste or us jabbing in her mouth with the finger tip cap bristles. I like the finger cap method the best, it gives me more brushing control

LICK MATS | our best way to keep Lucy quiet & still for an extended period or high stress time, aka- bath time, alone time etc

BITTER APPLE SPRAY | Lucy’s bad chewing habits include the edge of the carpet & my laptop desk corners! She gets after these areas & in minutes she’s eaten a hole through! I’ve been dowsing the corners in this spray & seems to have helped, she hates the smell & runs around when I bring it out!

PUP CAKES | the sooner you find a local dog bakery the happier you will be! We love getting Lucy special treats & seeing what new flavors she enjoys! Our favorite places are Oliver’s Collar & Wolf Gang Bakery

EAR WIPES | a special wipe specifically for ears? they exist! & work to prevent infection, wax build up + odor, we do anything for Lucy to stay fresh!

MEMORY FOAM DOG BED | As much as we have loved our best friend bed, Lucy tends to enjoy strettttcccccchhhhiiiiinnnngggggg out when she sleeps lately, so cue the long rectangle bed, she loves it! & its very comfy when I lay on it too!

DOG SEAT BELT | when driving alone with Lucy, she gets buckled up! After browsing lots of baskets, bags & seats I knew she would jump out of or freak out in, we decided to go with the clip… simply attach to her harness & the seatbelt & you’re good to go! She is safe & secure in the back & falls asleep in the back seat ๐Ÿ™‚

SHIN BONES | endless possibilities! dab peanut butter or yogurt on it, run a sock through it, tap it on an antler, she loves to chew this bone & it is hanging tough!

DOG BANDANAS | Lucy isn’t too into clothes, but girly will rock a bandana! I’ve enjoyed matching for our Christmas card or having some App spirit etc etc it’s cute but not too challenging & they’re fun!

KONG WOBBLER | toy, big distraction, slow feeder, she loves it! & we will use it as a game or a way to feed her dinner… either way she bobbles it around & loves the sounds + rewards!

DOG TRAVEL WATER BOTTLE WITH DETACHABLE DISH | this has been a life saver, especially at puppy class! Keeps the water very cold & the detachable dish at the base makes it easy to serve!

DOG TREAT MOLDS | I love making frozen snacks with these molds {recipe link here!}

FURBO DOG CAMERA | didn’t this this was a must have …until we got it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ it is the best resource for when we have to leave Lucy alone, it’s really helpful to make sure she isn’t getting into anything bad & I absolutely love checking in during the day when I have to work ๐Ÿ˜‰ We don’t really use the treat feature, but I love the dog diary video compilations it makes & all of the alerts!

LONG LEASH | Living the apartment life Lucy is leashed majority of the time, Dillon got this 30 foot leash so she could really run around during hard core play time outside in the grass & during training times outdoors 10/10!

SNUFFLE MAT | a great way to practice her sniffing & digging skills or a fun way to break up treats & dinner!

PURINA PRO BIOTIC | Lucy gets 1 package sprinkled on her food per day & it seems to have really helped improve her GI/GU health, it seems like gravy & she gobbles it up!

SPLIT ELK ANTLER | this is one of her favorite things to CHOMP!! She will work hard on this antler for 30 minutes at a time and is totally focused! they withstand a lot & we highly recommend!

PET FIRST AID KIT | I try to take this on trips & I like having at the house… has a little bit of everything I could use to help Lucy in a pinch, gotta keep her safe!

POTTY TRAINING SPRAY | This was a life saver at the beginning I should have mentioned it earlier! Any accident inside garnered clean up & spray…. then, she seemed not to be interested again, phew!

HOLEE ROLLER BALL | one of her favorite balls!! It bounces, it’s easy to chomp & run with, plus you can stuff whatever you want inside & it gets even better!! We wrap up treats in socks or put big treats inside she has to work out, she loves it!

TRAVEL WATER BOTTLE | Love the bottle with the dish, but it’s not the most portable thing for long walks, this bottle clips to your side & easily folds out for a quick sip on the go!

BABY WIPES | ALL THE WIPES PLEASE! These are our favorites & we go through tons wiping- paws when we come inside, peanut butter beards, eye goop, you name it!

DOG TRAVEL PEN | portable, foldable, light weight, easy to use play pen for on the go! It gives Lucy the perfect safe space to chill wherever we are!

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