My Monthly Recap- April 2022


Our poor sweet Lucy had to get spay this month… luckily she had a great procedure & recovery thanks to our awesome vet- Park Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care We are so thankful for a successful surgery and recovery period! After lots of sleepy days and having to limit her rambunctious ways for TEN WHOLE DAYS! this was a major adjustment & we survived it!! Woohoo! {Full Spay Recovery Recap Post}


This past month at work has been super busy, I worked every Friday & Saturday?? yikes! I balanced Charge shifts and working with many traveler nurses while navigating my first semester of graduate school! Grad school is 100% online and I am still trying to figure out my ideal work flow…. coming home after a long day & cramming out assignments or having to use time on a precious day off is definitely an adjustment. I am learning it is possible though & I’m ready to move on to the next class!


During the week in between work days & school + the daily grind it can be a challenge to have a fun week night outing… With the warmer temperatures it’s even more incentive to get out there! so one evening we picked up dinner at a favorite to-go spot & made the trip out to the NC Art Museum for a picnic! Of course once we were all set up the sprinklers came on! haha but we had a great dinner & then walked on lots of trails with Lucy!! We’re trying to practice with her out in public more & it’s so weird to see her act so shy around strangers when she is so lively around us!

April is my BIRTHDAY month!! I had a great celebration with myself & my family 🙂 Thank you to all who reached out to make me feel loved {Birthday Recap Post Here}

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