Lucy is all grown up now it seems! The spay procedure is behind us & she has been so great with a good bathroom schedule ~every 4ish hours during the day & sleeps all through the night! We’ve just got to work on her excitement in the dog park & coming when she’s called outside, puppy energy activated!


We’ve opened up the office to her & she adores laying by the window & keeping up with sights 24/7, she doesn’t like when we have to work and are on the computer too much not playing with her… me too!


Lucy will do anything for a treat! She is very food motivated & learns so quickly! I can’t resist trying new things with her or learning her new favorites, on my birthday I couldn’t leave her out, so of course she got a Happy Birthday cookie! it distracted her just long enough so we could eat cake!


Lucy will typically go out at night around 11ish & then sleep until 8 or 9 am ๐Ÿ™‚ she will nap throughout the day & sleep in after a big day! She gets worn out with- traveling, groomer trips, long walks & lots of visitors! I know she enjoyed snuggling with Devon while we were out of town!


This month there were a lot of firsts! Dillon & I traveled out of the country without her -tear! Lucy stayed back in the USA with Auntie Devon, she stayed with Devon on nights + weekends & was day boarded at our vet during the day time! It was a relief that she had such a great care while we were gone! Check out this Dog Log snap Devon updated us with dropping her off! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy Lucy does so well in the car & that she had a great time while we were gone! I was a little nervous about day boarding but it was great to learn this is a solid option for us if needed again in the future!

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