My Monthly Recap- May 2022


This May 15th we celebrated our very first wedding anniversary!! I am so happy to celebrate our new life & all we have accomplished together, it has been the joy of my life! ๐Ÿ™‚ So thankful we have such amazing photos to enjoy forever! it’s weird because this day already seems like forever ago?! I love these memories! {Wedding Posts}


I had the best 2 weeks off of school & now summer session begins! May 6-12 is National Nurse Appreciation Week, so in the midst of the chaos and craziness that is healthcare right now this is always a special time to reflect on your nursing career & journey. 2022 I was a Friends of Nursing Award Nominee! this was a special surprise! We also got all the snacks & DUHS Swag ๐Ÿ™‚ Shout out to all the amazing nurses in my life, I am SO LUCKY to learn from you, work with you & grow together! A great nurse is a gift to the world, I mean it!!


We have had SO MUCH FUN this month!! There were a few gaps in my work schedule so we made sure to take advantage! It has been exhausting but so fun & worth it! We’ve been Week DAY adventurers & finding some good deals!

Celebrated Mother’s Day at Carolina Beach!

Traveled to Punta Cana for our anniversary celebration! {recap post here}

Saw Paul McCartney LIVE in concert! ~Winston Salem, NC

Ventured to Badin Lake with the family!

Camping in Boone, NC {recap post here}

Essentially this month I have been working…. packing for the next trip, catching up on as much sleep & laundry as possible in between & doing homework in the car on the way there! Ahh completely exhausting but worth it! I am so thankful for all of the quality time, fun memories & first Summer experiences with Lucy!! She has been traveling & adapting so well, making everything we do so much more fun!

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