Lucy is hanging out around 23 lbs…. It sounds so small, but she is honestly the perfect size! Not too big & not too little! I am so happy we decided to go with a mini ๐Ÿ™‚ I can pick her up if I need to & she fits perfectly in the back seat of the car! If she was any bigger we would need a new couch! lol


Lucy’s best friend in the whole wide world is her neighbor Ollie! LOVE is an understatement, I’ve never seen 2 dogs get along so well from day 1 until now! Every picture we’ve ever tried to capture is a blur because they are just so happy running around together! Evenings outside together are my favorite!


Lucy wants to eat EVERYTHING these days! When there is the option to give her fresh dog safe people food, I usually do ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucy loves a salad! Our favorite place for lunch is Saladelia & before I pour my dressing I always scoop her out a mini salad & wash it off extra before sharing- lettuce, carrots, green peppers, cucumbers & grilled chicken, she LOVES it! I swear we have all of the same favorite foods lol


Lucy has discovered sleeping in the bed after all of our trips together… one of her many spots in the rotation now! lol I never thought I would be a “dog sleeping in the bed person” but Lucy is our family & she is a great snuggler… she rotates around throughout the night- couch, dog bed, our bed, floor, crate whatever is comfortable?! She navigates her many moves smoothly & safely throughout the night so we just let her do her thing & it really works out well! She’s growing up! Lucy is also really serious about the couch haha if she is not stretched all the way out she is perched on the right side. Look at her determined to get “her spot” from me! LOL


We had so much FUN all together this past month!!! Lucy made her 1st trip up the mountain to BOONE! {recap post here} She discovered her love of boat rides & she started SWIMMING!!! I absolutely LOVE taking her new places and trying new things together, Lucy is always up for an adventure!

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