Lucy girl is a whopping 24 lbs, as far as I know she is very much full grown & this is her official size. Thank goodness! She is the exact height of our counter tops & I can easily scoop her up whenever I want -which is actually very helpful If she were any bigger I would be forever crushed into our couch, so yes I have learned that a small/medium mid twenties pound dog is the perfect dog for me! Ironically I’ve always thought I wanted a giant 100lb dog, but for us right now that is too big!


Lucy loves SO many things these days, including: going to the dog park every chance she can get, long walks on the American Tobacco Trail, sand, splashing & SWIMMING!! We started her out at the lake, now we’ve added the ocean & her own swimming pool! She really enjoys cooling off in the water but also being able to jump in and out at her leisure! She is not the biggest fan of loud noises- trash pick up, people going up & down the stairs late at night -she likes her rest! or being left alone at home- super rare, but you would think 2 hours was an entire week! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lucy’s latest obsessions are fresh watermelon & puppy ice cream pup cups! Specifically The Bear & the Rat products! She barely came up for air when she was licking the Peanut Butter & Banana flavored cup at warp speed! Anything cool is the best for these hot Summer days!


I’m happy Lucy is on a really great schedule! She usually goes out for a bathroom break one last time around 10:30ish PM then tucks herself in…. whether that means she’s asleep in her crate, bed, couch… she goes to sleep hard & sleeps all the way through the night (with the occasional wake up & eat her dog food at 1am?!) until one of us wakes her up getting ready for work. Sometimes she is ready to start the day at 7 AM but she will usually get right back to her nap after a quick morning outing.


This past month Lucy went to the beach for the very first time in her life! Ocean Isle Beach is our spot ๐Ÿ™‚ and it was too funny to see it through her eyes! With a puppy in tow our normal schedule was completely different but we had a great time! {recap post here}

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