My Monthly Recap- July 2022


It is with great sadness that I share- this month, on July 12th my Grandma passed away. My Grandma is my Mom’s Mom and an integral part of my life from day 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ She has been a HUGE blessing to me & my family, always there to help us & hang out with us as much as possible! We have so many great memories over the years & I was always guaranteed the best time when I was with Grandma! We loved each other immensely & luckily we both knew how special it was to have each other. Obituary Link

My Grandma always resisted pictures! She said I took too many…. but she was happy to take this one! Back in January of this year she came to town for Devon’s engagement party, afterwards she insisted on visiting Lucy! She climbed all 3 flights of stairs to our apartment to get up there & play with her! Amazing! Up until the last month of her life my Grandma was very active, strong willed and independent & I am so glad!


I have officially been on the clock for 3 years at the hospital!! How is that possible?!! Time is so slow & so fast at the same time lol. As much as my work can drive me insane- I have to shout out the kindness and love I feel from my coworkers, it is much appreciated. Look at these beautiful flowers they sent to my Grandma’s service, so thoughtful!! I am so thankful for the crazy schedule as it has allowed me precious time with my family -especially during the week & odd hours when I was needed. Everyone needs a nurse friend in their life, they are THE BEST!


I always recommend a vacation- big or small it doesn’t matter, but a change in scenery does your soul good! The lake has been our escape here lately and I am so thankful!!! We went there the day Grandma passed after she was picked up from our home & as much as possible in the free days that followed. Being by the water, soaking in the sun, watching Lucy act crazy while swimming & chasing every single splash, boat rides, camp fires, games & movies…. so relaxing, rejuvenating & a great distraction from the enormous grief & sadness we feel in regards to Grandma. I think going there the day she passed was one of our best moves- to just give ourselves some kind of relief as a family.

The amount of joy Lucy has on the boat at the lake is so fun to watch!!

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