Summer Puppy Supplies!

Summer is the best season of all! This Summer is Lucy’s first Summer of her entire life with us, so this one is extra special for our family! We are making sure to stay on the go, try all of the things, stay cool & have fun!! In order to make sure we cover all of our bases we have had a few Summer shopping sprees & so far these are Lucy’s favorites to enjoy this season! It is SO HOT these days!!

PUP CUP ICE CREAM | so far we have stuck with banana & peanut butter ice cream flavors & she loves it! We started with a Wag More pint that we will scoop out for special treats, but Mom found The Bear & the Rat brand cups & Lucy REALLY LOVES this cool treat!

SPHERE ICE CUBES | Lucy loves to chomp & play with ice cubes any time, but when we added giant ball shaped ice, she has had x2 the fun! It’s hilarious to see her reaction when the ice ball shatters with her play

FRESH SEEDLESS WATERMELON | Soo tasty & refreshing! We still haven’t found a food that she doesn’t like yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

DREAM BONES | These are the latest go to snack, especially when we’re dining out & she’s patiently waiting by the table, she can chomp on one of these for at least 15 minutes!

FRESH CUCUMBER | a cool summer snack, diced/peeled/sliced/frozen/in a salad, she will take it every way!

FLOATING FRISCO BALLS | we quickly realized if we’re going to be playing in the lake we will need floating & water proof toys! These bounce high on land and Lucy wants to chew them to bits, so fun!

ZIPPY PAWS FLOATERZ DUCK RING | it squeaks, floats & encourages Lucy to keep swimming & jump in!

SPIKY RUBBER LIGHT UP BALL | when we’re outside on the porch on late summer nights or trying to watch a movie, either way it’s time to play! & it’s much easier to play fetch in the dark with a flashing glowing bouncy ball ๐Ÿ™‚

CHUCK IT AMPHIBIOUS RING | back to things I never used to think about! but, a traditional frisbee does sink in the water!

SUMMER FLOATING PLUSH BALLS | more lake toys! floating, squeaky & allows you to soak water up & squeeze!

FOLDABLE WATER BOTTLE | this is the perfect water bottle for long walks! Compact yet the perfect size!

PERSONALIZED YETI DOG BOWL | cold water is a must, especially in this heat

CHICKFILA ICE | one of Lucy’s favorite snacks! chomp, chomp, chomp!

FROZEN DOG TREATS | I love when Lucy loves something I actually made! Link to our: {favorite recipes so far!}

FROZEN ICE CREAM CHEWY | this toy didn’t last too long, but it was basically another twist on an ice cube- a giant rubber cone you fill with water & freeze, she chewed it up & chased it around until there was quickly a hole in the bottom ๐Ÿ™‚

COLLAPSABLE WATER BOWL | I like to take this bowl when we’re on the road, packs up easy & clips to her bag to make sure we don’t forget it!

K9 SPORT SACK | this purchase garnered lots of eye rolls from Dillon & Lucy! haha I was trying to be prepared for our hike in the mountains, but we haven’t used it outside of the apartment, yet! However, I will say once Lucy got into it (lured by treats) she didn’t seem to mind it!

DOG SUNSCREEN | for her ears & belly when we’re outside all day! non toxic

PAW BALM | hot pavement, the outdoors, water, the dog park… this dog is on the move & she needs lotion!

NEON LIFE JACKET | Lucy is unstoppable in this thing! It doesn’t seem to bother her at all luckily & we love the handle so we can easily scoop her up & put her on the boat or jump in the water! Neon yellow was found to be the easiest to see in lake water & it’s the same color as her favorite- tennis balls! win win!

EXTENDED LONG LEASH | our saving grace! you may think we’re crazy for always having her on a leash but in the city there’s leash laws & we are so used to using the leash we don’t even think about it lol she’s not always on leash (dog park, fenced in yard etc) but this 30 FOOT LEASH has been the perfect compromise this Summer- on the beach, lake, boat, all of our adventures!

RUBBER REFLECTIVE COLLAR | I wanted a water proof, reflective, easy to see collar for our adventures!

DURABLE CHEW TOY | After shredding lots of toys, we have advanced to the โ€œdurable categoryโ€ of toys, this tire & rope combination has proved to hang tough to her chompers fingers crossed!

DOG POOL | The dog pool has been one of my FAVORITE purchase so far!! We have SO much fun in the water together, especially on super hot days, she loves to splash & cool off! & it is so fun to do something different ๐Ÿ˜Š

GRILL PLUSHIE | I got this for Memorial Day & it cracks me up every time she plays with it! It seems weird for her to be chomping on her precious lighter fluid squeaky but she loves it!

KONG FRISBEE | Weโ€™re still working on getting Lucy to learn how to catch this mid-air but loves picking it up & running around with it!

S’MORE TUGGA ROPE | This was a lake surprise! Everyone gets sโ€™mores at the lake one way or another!

DOG COOLING MESH COT | This was an attempt to help her stay cool, she hasnโ€™t used it a ton, but she is always seeking cool surfaces to lay, so I hope she figures out soon that this is one too!

We have had so much fun this Summer! Definitely recommend adding any of these products to your toy box!

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