HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our puppy LUCY!!!! What a wild year?! I feel like it has been so much longer, we have done so many fun things together & spent so much time together?! It’s insane how much you have grown & how much you have added to our lives, we LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I could post a million pictures of her last year but that’s where our monthly recaps help out ๐Ÿ™‚ {ALL Lucy Posts HERE!} To celebrate our girl, I made sure to get the day off of work & she got all the treats, outside time, snuggles, car rides with the windows down, dog safe people food & best of all- dog park time with her favorites: OLLIE & Christina! They played SO hard until dark & ended their date with pup cakes!

The following weekend- we hosted her birthday party in Greensboro with family ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish we could’ve had ALL of her friends there {Ollie, Smokey, Cookie, Juno, Teddy, Duchess, Ziggy, Idi, Honey, Cutie, Tucker} but she was THRILLED to party with her Greensboro girls- Phoebe & Kallee Mae + Reagan!! & not to mention some of her favorite people of all time!

The dogs played SO well together & the way they all came together to eat Lucy’s cake cracked me up!!

it was Peanut Butter & Banana flavored, but you would think it was made of GOLD!

Legit, the ONLY thing that could’ve pulled them all away from the sprinklers, pool, balls & games!

The dogs cannot get enough of OLIVER’S COLLAR CAKE!!

Brooke & I have been BFF since 1st grade! It is such a gift to do ALL the things together!

Aunties Carson & Katie! Carson picked Lucy out!

Collins family + Reagy!

Her crown covered in icing lol

To Lucy- THANK YOU for bringing so much joy to our lives! (& yes, I know she can’t read this… she’s only a 1 year old after all?! haha) THANK YOU for always being ready to play with us, getting us outside every day in every type of weather, all the snuggles, making everything exciting & playful, all the exercise, having a way to make us forget about work the second it’s over, reminding us to drink water & eat lots of fruits + veggies, waking me up early to seize the day, literally smacking my phone out of my hands when I’m on it too long & introducing us to so many new friends & activities! You are the BEST!

#1 Dog Dad ๐Ÿ™‚

~For more details about Lucy’s party & set up– check out this post! {LINK HERE!}

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