Coming Soon: Baby Reddick!

We’ve been keeping a secret!

Dillon and I are so thrilled to share that we are expecting our first child!

We have always wanted to be parents, so it is so surreal that this is actually happening?!
This is the biggest blessing!

The amount of love we already have for this baby is insane, but don’t worry Lucy isn’t going anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

So far everyone is happy, healthy and along for the ride! Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate the many unknowns, day to day changes of pregnancy & baby’s development! As the Mom, it is the strangest thing to think about how much is going on inside of me while I’m managing the day to day stuff?! God is so amazing! I look forward to sharing more of our experience as we figure out the 1st time parent life!

~Currently accepting all advice, tips & suggestions!

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