Mommy to-be Registry: 1st Trimester

Getting ready for a baby is no joke! There is so much to focus on, research, prepare for and dream of, all the while- the Mom is growing & changing daily. I had no idea what a lifestyle change PREGNANCY is?! Every day you wake up a different person who is transforming by the minute, and it happens SO quickly?! While every pregnancy is special and unique they’re all going to require a few shopping trips! The Mom is a very important part of this process and how quickly you are forgotten?! While growing a healthy baby is priority #1 we have got to look out for the pregnant ladies along the way! Here are a few of the products I appreciated & needed during the 1st trimester, as well as possible gift ideas or considerations for the pregnant lady in your life!

The 1st trimester is 0-13 weeks long and I was shocked how once I realized I was pregnant my body CHANGED. I wasn’t showing or carrying around a big belly, but WOW! did I feel differently so suddenly! I only gained 5lbs but my day to day was completely different- morning sickness, stomach upset, lightheadedness, extreme fatigue & terrible sinus congestion!!

Working through trimester 1 feels so rewarding & exciting as you navigate the appointments, ultrasounds and begin sharing the big news with others! Luckily I was able to make it through with the help of the following… items marked with an * are products I realized existed later on, but I would definitely use them if I were to get pregnant again & I don’t want to forget about them!

PREGNANCY JOURNAL | write it all down! from what I hear one day you will completely forget everything?! I can’t believe it! but this has been a fun way to connect with my future child, reflect on our progress & remember the tiny details, I am determined to keep up with this journal throughout because I know it will be so fun to look back on some day! & as much as I love blogging, I am old school and love a handwritten keepsake with all of the juicy details 🙂

WATER BOTTLE | Dillon can never understand my obsession with yet another water bottle?! but this lid & size were perfect for work and the pink/blue exterior was the perfect motivation to consume as much water possible to keep me and baby boy or girl healthy during this pregnancy!

CLEVER REVEAL- LOTTO TICKETS | I think this is such a fun reveal idea!! I purchased a pack off of Amazon & mistakenly left them behind when we went to visit your family… whoops!

CHAPSTICK | My lips were extra dry beginning first trimester

FLO APP | This app helped me to keep everything straight! It helped me track my cycle pre-pregnancy and I enjoyed the weekly updates when I switched over to ‘pregnancy mode’ it helped me to keep symptoms logged and understand my baby’s development

PANTY LINERS | No one cares to mention all of the grossness that is pregnancy… but just because you don’t have a period, doesn’t mean that you don’t need around the clock panty liners, hadn’t used these in years, but they are my bff for the foreseeable future

SALTINE CRACKERS | During the first few months there was a constant nagging hungry feeling 24/7, saltines really helped settle my stomach and make me feel full

GOLDFISH | My other go to carb loading snack, I would take a big bag to work and eat it all throughout the shift! Anything to feel full at some point in the day?!

AIR HUMIDIFIER | Never knew pregnancy rhinitis was a possibility until it was my turn, but the increased hormones cause increased blood flow to the nasal passages and cause inflammation AKA total nasal congestion until birth. At night I couldn’t breathe at all, the air humidifier helped tremendously to make breathing easier!

PRENATAL VITAMINS | 1 vitamin a day, always! I took these before pregnancy too & the capsule is easy to swallow

SPORTS BRA | My advice- the day you find out you’re pregnant, go ahead and order a bunch of comfy, quality sports bras, x2 your normal size & x3 your normal size, then get ready! The worst is when you are trying to get ready in the am and have no clothes that fit, your body starts changing fast! -especially up top

GINGER ALE | My go to drink, caffeine free and settles the stomach! I have consumed the most ginger ale of my life right now!

ORGANIC-NON TOXIC GREEK FACE WASH ROUTINE | 1st trimester I had to kick my Category X- acidic, super strength face wash, scrubs, spot treatments, masks, etc to the curb. Happy to protect baby but sad to welcome gross acne all along my jawline

REVEAL CLUE- DOG BANDANA | Lucy revealed our news to Devon using this bandana! She came over to visit, Lucy greeted her like normal and once she was settled with all the jumps and licks behind them, Devon could actually read her accessory, surprise!

SILK PILLOWCASE | the trick to beautiful hair & skin!

STRETCHY SEEMLESS PANTIES | The most comfortable underwear I have found so far, extra give for my changing hips and not too tight around the stomach, so I think we’ve got room to grow in these without going full on maternity underwear just yet

HUGE BREAKFAST | So far my only “craving” has been BREAKFAST!! I want a full on country style huge breakfast the second I wake up! SO SO hungry in the mornings…. Which I never am usually

HAIR SCRUNCHIES | All the hair growth, requires reliable and fun quality scrunchies

*GINGER CHEWS | Ginger is supposed to help with nausea so much! These would be a nice alternative to chugging ginger ale

BARRE GEAR | I have kept going to barre classes & the low intensity workouts with awesome stretches have made me feel really good while experiencing so many other changes in my body

REVEAL CLUE- PERSONALIZED ONESIE | We wrapped up onesies and snuck them into the grandparents birthday party to reveal our news to Dillon’s family

PEPPERMINTS | I enjoyed these in between reflux episodes, vomiting and to help curb nausea

PREGNANCY COOK BOOK | A healthy cookbook to try new things & keep up your nutrition during such a crucial time!

PREGNANCY JOURNAL- 1st time Mom | I really enjoyed journaling! I love it anyways, but to have handwritten notes in a private space that will later be such a special keepsake is so sweet

PREGNANCY DEVOTIONAL | a daily devotional was so special to me, I prayed so much during first trimester and it was really grounding and helpful especially when were being secretive to our families… thank you God for this opportunity!

BALA BANGLES | My favorite exercise accessory! Great for barre, arms or ankles- helpful to train and prepare for all of the extra weight coming my way

LARGE NIGHTGOWN | With all the new hormones on board, I found my normally very cold natured self to be SO HOT!! Sweating, overheating, bare foot… I quickly ditched my usually flannel PJs! Night sweats are real! So a light, baggy big tshirt nightgown was perfect

SLEEP MASK | anything to help with restful, quality sleep! 1st trimester is exhausting

*MAGNESIUM MIST | LEG cramps started early & often!!! Even with magnesium vitamin supplementation! The stabbing unavoidable pain of the cramps & overall muscle pain had me reaching for anything, I wish I had found this sooner!

*INSTAX MINI CAM | If you’re doing a weekly picture update for a book, its funny how much a of pain it is get pictures printed these days?! With an instant print camera you can quickly get your picture for your book and paste directly! This way you won’t have to scroll through your phone to find pictures later or try to get them printed chronologically… just snap & journal quickly all at one time!

REVEAL CLUE- SONOGRAM FRAME | For a lot of our family members we wrapped up picture frames with the sonograms inside, you have to get the correct sized frame since they are a square shape & it was nice to have a place to display in our home without worrying about losing, bending, or spilling anything on them! You barely get an US photos, so you have to cherish the ones you get!

Happy Shopping & Stay strong Mamas!

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