My Monthly Recap- October 2022


Life has been such a wild blur lately!! It’s insane to think I am growing a person inside of me in the midst of all of the other every day commitments and responsibilities?! We got to share our baby’s sex with our family & friends at a pumpkin carving party!! It was so fun to share our big news in person with so many of our favorite people & exciting to reveal our BABY GIRL news! {recap post here}


I have been working a lot and then racing home to work on grad school homework?! BLAHH I have noticed a major drop in my pre-pregnancy energy and it is getting harder and harder to stay up late and cram or knock out a paper before midnight. Luckily I have the best study buddy to keep me company while I waste away on the computer, but she definitely makes me want to go to sleep too!


OMGOSH!!! THE ULTIMATE PLAY—- Devon & I traveled to NEW YORK CITY for BRAVOCON!! It was the craziest, busiest, funnest long weekend! We attended all 3 days of BravoCon, a taping of WWHL, met SO MANY Bravolebs & ate some of the best food all over NYC!! So happy we took this trip together, I love a good sister trip! {recap post here}

I also got to savor the last few weeks of my friend Leigh’s pregnancy with baby Wesley!! There’s nothing I love more than picking up lunch & super long gab sessions at the house! We got to hang out in the sunroom together while she educated me on all the top baby brands and parenting tips! Leigh is expecting Baby #2, so it was super awesome to get all of her advice!! We even went to get our nails done the day before Wes’ BIRTHDAY! Such a sweet & precious time! I’m so proud of her & what a great Mom she is!

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