11 MONTHS with LUCY!

Our grown doggy on her way home from the groomers! So thankful to Wolfgang Bakery & Grooming and our standing appointment schedule with AJ, she’s the best!… Summer cuts every 4 weeks & Winter cuts every 6 weeks 🙂 Booking Lucy’s appointments way in advance is so much better than the scramble we found ourselves in at the beginning. We are SO glad to now be paired with a great, reliable & quality spot! After each visit Lucy gets a new delicious treat & I always browse the latest toys 🙂


Lucy is growing up, she is just over 1 year now and we are so proud of her! However, just recently she had 3 random in house accidents?! We were shocked, as she hasn’t had any issues telling us when she needs to go out for months, and I thought the early puppyhood problems were long behind us! At first I was confused, then irritated, then googling canine diabetes/UTI/tumors…. Needless to say, she had a vet appointment within a few days of the 3rd accident. I am happy to report that no serious conditions were found but our vet did welcome us to the teenage years & said to beware of her testing us! What?! I had no idea this was a thing… but, luckily no more accidents since her check up!


Lucy is all about a snack & chewing… the bigger the challenge, the more the fun! Auntie Dev treated her to a split elk antler the last time she was over to play & this chomping toy is definitely one of her FAVORITES!!


Lucy is still all about a car ride! Especially with the windows down so she can get all of the smells! We are so lucky she likes riding in the car, it seems like we are always on the go lately!


Every night Lucy usually gets her dental stick around ~9pm, takes a nap on the couch, goes out one last time around 11pm, then goes to sleep! She will randomly get up in the night around 2am? and eat the rest of her dinner/drink some water, but then she is back to sleep- couch/bed/our bed/floor… and lately she has been sleeping in until 8am! Lucy is an expert cuddler and loves a pillow for her head!


This was SO MAJOR! Lucy spent the weekend with her Auntie Noelle & Uncle Colby for an ENTIRE WEEKEND! Not to mention this meant she got a full weekend with her bestie TUCKER! This was the best picture we could get of them, they were playing nonstop all weekend and she had a fenced in backyard to herself, all of the attention… I don’t think she even cared Dillon and I were in the mountains! Amazing!

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