{Summer} Baby Gear (3-6 months)

Summer 2023! the summer of- late nights & early mornings, lots of spit up, teething/drooling, packing/unloading, road trips, and family time! I wouldn’t have it any other way! We were happy to enjoy many of our favorite spots, just for the first time with a baby in tow this year and wow! does it require quite a few things… If this collage is too chaotic and colorful for you I understand, just imagine our house right now?!

Our summer baby goals were to keep her safe, cool, free of sunburn & have as much fun outdoors as possible! Insanely enough this isn’t everything that has come through our door this Summer, but these are the stand out products of the summer that helped us around the house & during our travels!

BABY TOY STRAPS | As soon as the grabbing & tossing began, I knew we had to have these!! Saves us from so many lost toys & she loves to chew them too! Win-win!

FISHER PRICE SUN DOME | The ultimate mini outdoor pack & play with SPF protection! Took this to the beach, lake dock, backyard… it let her nap or play safely in the sun no matter where we were 😊

MUNCHIE MITTENS | These were fun to add to the rotation, she is all about crunchy sounds, things in her mouth & keeping busy -check!

JELLY CAT STUFFIES | The BEST stuffed animals, beyond soft & cuddly! Lucy likes these too 😉

LITTLE SWIMMERS DIAPERS | Don’t forget changing everything up when playing in the water, even the diapers! These are great in the water but terrible outside of it…. Change quickly once you get out!

TEETHING WINKLE RATTLE BALL | Her face lights up when we bring this one out!! She can chew & rattle for 30 minutes + always a must take when we go to dinner or ride in the car

OVERNIGHT TODDLER TOTE | When traveling there is so much to pack! Baby definitely needs their own bag!

RATTLE ACTIVITY SET | This set has been perfect for play anywhere, each piece is exactly what she is interested in right now! Rattles, buttons, squeaks

WATER ACTIVITY MAT | Such a stimulating and fun tummy time activity, very interesting to smack & play!

OCEAN LIFE BOARD BOOK | I really enjoy getting her books applicable to the season, time to learn! She loved this book & we read it multiple times to & from the beach

SQUIRT WATER ANIMALS | Bath time toys or perfect for the pool! so cute!!

TEETHING RING SET | Teethers, throw them in the freezer and enjoy out and about or at home! The cold keeps her comfy & interesting for a long time of chewing fun! We learned the hard way- don’t sterilize, they melt!

INFANT LIFE JACKET | #1 priority is keeping my baby safe! Que the panic prime order on the way to the lake! Infant life jacket is a must!! She really enjoyed wearing this, I think it reminded her of the car seat & this way we could enjoy the ride altogether safe & sound. This specific jacket is coast guard approved & for babies 9-25 lbs

STROLLER FAN | How many times did I ask where is the stroller fan this summer?! You have to remember to charge it up, but it is great for baby dining out, going on walks, sitting outside…. Anything to keep her from over heating and happy so we can be outside longer! Yay!

BACKSEAT MIRROR | The perfect addition for car trips during the day, I can drive and check on her simultaneously!

BUG REPELLANT STICKERS | Necessary to prevent the awful bug bites! A simple sticker for baby products (stroller, dome) & I usually put one on my arm + leg and we are good to go! No skin reaction at the patch site & we get to avoid covering ourselves in stinky sticky spray

AQUAFOR OINTMENT | Teething and drooling season means drool rash, Elyse’s cheeks get covered multiple times a day, we are trying to fight it against all odds!

PHILIPS AVENT NATURAL BOTTLES | I have begun pumping again & she does really well with these bottles! It is the best to enjoy a break from BF every now & then and watch her let someone else feed her! Especially when we’re out & about or in the car, she is fun to watch with the bottle!

CARTERS SWIMWEAR | I loved all of her swim suits & rash guards this season, they were so cute!! Carters has great deals!

RUFFLE BUTT SWIMWEAR | Ruffle butt was a fun addition, the cut & colors were soo adorable!! For us it ran small in sizing

HONEST MULTICOLOR ONESIES | I didn’t expect it to be so challenging to find solid color onesies?! We were happy to have these to enjoy the whole rainbow and build her outfits around these versatile staples

BANDANA BUDDIES | Her favorite toy these days, for sure!! We have the llama, elephant, dog & fox!! These toys keep her so busy & she is always ready to play with them no matter what!

TUMMY TIME CRAB | A fun find!! I’m not sure who is more interested, Elyse or Lucy! This thing is wild, it is loud & moves like crazy, keeps everyone’s attention and encourages them to move!! I look forward to watching her crawl after it soon enough

THINK BABY SUNSCREEN | Choosing which sunscreen to use for the 1st time was super important to us!!! Once she was allowed to wear it- 5/6 months, we applied it thick at the beach. It smells so good & rubs on easily, kept her safe… regardless she was never in direct sunlight or without shade -she’s just a baby after all!

CAR WINDOW STICK ON SHADES | Speaking of shade! You realize how hard it is to come by sometimes, even in the car?! Got these stick on shades to keep her cool & good for the car ride, easy to use, pack of 4… you can still see to drive, I like these for me too!

EAR MUFFLERS | Ear protection for concerts, big sporting events, large crowds etc. the stretchy strap doesn’t press down on the fontanelles up top and she is ready for anything or a nap

PORTABLE/COLLAPSIBLE ROCKER | This baby loves being rocked to sleep so we had to make sure wherever we went this summer had a rocker! So we could also sleep 😉 this one was super comfy & folded up really easily! Perfect for any sleepover or outdoor time, we even started using it downstairs! Very versatile!

DAPPLE BABY MULTIPURPOSE WIPES | Now we are on the move- going places, playing with toys, spitting up, crawling every where, shoving things in the mouth 24/7, I knew I would need a cleaning product that was baby safe! Love these Dapple wipes, very easy to use & great to have handy in the play room, diaper bag, car…

SWIM WAYS INFANT FLOAT | Used this float in the pool! Allowed baby to lay back & enjoy floating while kicking her feet in the water!

SUN HAT | Such a sweet hat, super cute & kept that precious baby head free of sunburn!

SIT UP SEAT | The better she got a sitting up, the more she wanted to! This has been a great option for playing at home, we have another place to put her safely & she can play independently till her heart is content!

FOAM FLOOR TILES | These have been a game changer! 10/10 recommend the minute they start rolling around! This is the floor for our play area at home & its awesome to easily wipe & clean spit up off of & know she’s got a fun place to enjoy!

INFANTINO ELEPHANT | Super cute, squeezy teether & awesome distractor at the changing table! She loves Keke!

POOL TOYS- NET & SQUIRTS | Got these for fun in the pool! She enjoys the net more than the toys!! Go figure!

BABY SUNGLASSES | Her baby blues have got to stay covered! These are SPF friendly & so so cute!! Must have!

SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE | Sophie! Of course!! A great teether, she loves it!

BABY EINSTEIN BLOCKS | Her very first favorite toy!! Way to go Grandma! She brought these over & Elyse has LOVED stacking, climbing, eating, rolling, throwing, flipping, everything with them!!

Summer was so good to us!! & we are happy to have had help with these products! Highly recommend!

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