Tips for Planning a Walt Disney World Trip for 2!

Dillon & I are not expert travel bloggers by any means… However, with the help of the internet, a great travel agent and our own intuition we were able to pull off one of my favorite vacations so far! Here is a collection of our travel tips, suggestions and thoughts for successfully planning a 2017 Disney Trip for 2 Adults ๐Ÿ™‚

  • GO FOR IT!
    When deciding where to vacation this year, we went back and forth trying to decide… Disney kept popping up and as exciting as the thought was, the trip sometimes felt daunting, ridiculous or expensive… We ended up pulling the trigger and it turned out to be the best trip!! I am so happy we got to enjoy the park as adults and without kids, we were able to take advantage of all the park had to offer, only keep up with ourselves and carry 1 fanny pack of supplies!
  • Utilize a Travel Agent!
    This was my first experience using a travel agent and it was fantastic! I highly recommend my friend Kristen at Custom Travel Professionalsย {link here}ย She is up to date on all of the latest accommodations, restaurants and attractions, available online via email daily and when you book together, her services are at no additional charge to you! Her planning advice was invaluable during the process ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Plan in Advance-ish
    When doing our research, I felt like everything I read made me feel like I needed to only go if I planned months in advance, not the case! Dillon & I planned/booked our entire trip in 6 weeks or less & we didn’t miss out on any restaurants/Fast Passes we wanted… the power of 2!
  • Book the Flight
    When buying for 2 you can get cheap tickets easily, flying from NC-FL we were able to get there for $200, completely worth it!

  • Stay at a Disney Property Hotel
    This made things so much easier, when staying at the pack we had guaranteed transportation to/from the airport & theme parks! Plus this also guaranteed direct bag deliveries to our rooms & extended park hours!!
  • Magic Bands for the Win!
    They come standard when you stay on Disney property, but even if you don’t I can’t imagine not having one, load your credit card onto the band and pay for everything with a quick swipe! So convenient & easy
  • Say No to the Meal Plan
    We debated on the value of the meal plan for days, while it could be helpful for some Dillon and I decided to not do the meal plan and eat anything and everything we wanted… I am happy to say we came in wayyy under budget even with this strategy!
  • You Can ALWAYS order more!
    Dillon & I quickly realized the portions were out of control, so after a couple of days we made a rule to split whatever we got & then we could always order another next… most of the time we didn’t even need to!
  • Be Flexible
    Originally we had planned to spend the first evening relaxing at the hotel, but once we landed we were ready to go! The hotel desk quickly & easily upgraded our ticket package for $20 & we got another day at the Magic Kingdom park!! one of our most fun evenings by far!!
  • Download the Disney App to your Phone
    This makes life so much easier than you can ever imagine, we were obsessed with checking out wait times to better plan our day!
  • Master the Science of FastPass
    Dillon was really good about keeping up with the wait times & changes throughout the park during the day using the app, this way we were able to update & exchange FastPasses multiple times throughout the day to get to everywhere we wanted!
  • Photography
    Disney offers a photography package, we didn’t add this to our ticket package to save money. however, the photographers at Disney will still take your picture with your personal camera, just ask! and if they take a professional photo it will load to your account and you can decide to purchase later… not a bad idea
  • You CAN ask for Water!
    Yes, the water trick is real! All Disney vendors will give you free cup of water at any timeย & you will need it, so take advantage!

Just a few tips to keep in mind when debating on planning a trip…
YES Disney is still SO FUN as adults without kids, promise!

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