Walt Disney World Essentials- A Day in the Park

*Disclaimer- If you’re going to Disney World, don’t let anyone talk you out of wearing a fanny pack! It is literally the best accessory, you can wear it on all of the rides, a back pack is too hot/bulky & it works perfectly with your on the go amusement park lifestyle! Just maybe remember to not wear it in EVERY picture lol

Now, once you find your perfect pack (mine was from Amazon for $10), you must pack it full with all of the essentials! For me this included:

  • Cell phone + Disney app, with back up portable charging stick
  • A smaller digital camera
  • Sunglasses with a safety strap
  • Sunscreen is a MUST
  • Self care items- eye drops, chapstick, hand sanitizer
  • $1 poncho packs- prior to your trip I would go by Target & buy 1 for each day in the park… that way you’re not worrying about restuffing an old wet poncho back in the package ($5 total) or you can risk it & end up buying a $20 poncho in the park!
  • Watch/fitbit… got to count those steps!
  • & last but not least…. A MAGIC BAND! I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful it was to not have to keep up with credit cards or ticket stubs… everything was loaded to the band & we were 1 quick swipe away from anything & everything we wanted, they worked great!

Disney is so full of magic, I already can’t wait to go back!!

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