Happy Friday! Volume 12

In light of recent COVID-19 concerns you may notice a theme with today’s post, I’m realizing I’m extra thankful for every day things I never even really thought about before… Social distancing has started to really take effect and there are so many changes daily. Dillon is currently working from home and I am keeping my “normal” schedule at the hospital. I encourage you all to stay home as much as possible, wash your hands and be safe out there! xo

Infection Control

In the hospital infection control is high priority every day. I work directly with immunocompromised patients, so PPE/hand hygiene/sanitation are typical routine. I am glad to see infection control become a priority outside of the hospital during this time as well, it all starts with washing your hands! I am also appreciative of the supplies on our unit & the increased safety regulations/precautions during this time.

Laundry Sanitizer

I have been using this Lysol laundry detergent ever since I began working as a nurse! I wash my scrubs using regular detergent + water softener + Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. Supposedly this extra measure helps kill all the bacteria your regular detergent can’t and it gives me major peace of mind to use it. I want to keep my scrubs as clean as possible they take a beating out in the field! If you’re feeling extra germ conscious right now, this may be something worth adding to your routine!


Especially after injuring my foot, I want to move as much as possible! It is fun, a great stress reliever and body positive. I was really excited to get back into the routine of Pure Barre, but in light of COVID-19 all of the studios are now closed! Looking forward to trying the at home workouts moving forward… love to LTB!

Wishing you all a safe & healthy week ahead! Best wishes during quarantine & always ๐Ÿ™‚

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