Happy Friday! Volume 13

Hello everyone! Wishing you well with COVID-19 precautions, social distancing and WFH life… we are experiencing unprecedented times, so much uncertainty & stress right now! Lately my biggest worries come from watching the news and reading different stories online, so I’m doing my best to stay informed, calm & optimistic. Three of the highlights of my week include the following:

A New Pet?!

In the past couple of weeks, a new kitty cat has appeared at my parents house! She was a little shy at first but Dillon was patient and made her feel comfortable coming to play with us! 2 weeks later and she is still hanging out with Mom & Dad! They even added cat food to their corona shopping list, so I think it may be official -yay!

Shelter in Place Activities

I’ve purchased some extra activities to do around the house during this time, starting with this 1500 piece puzzle! I don’t enjoy only watching TV during normal circumstances… so I made sure to have options at home!

At Home Workouts

I have created a makeshift “home gym” in the living room. I am very appreciative of the Pure Barre on Demand exercises! Pure Barre uses minimal equipment and space while still making a huge impact! I’ve been amazed that I can still LTB & get my shakes at home! Exercise has really improved my days at home -don’t sink into your couch it’s not worth it!

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