Happy Friday! Volume 14

Hello! What a week it has been…. I hope everyone is taking their health & safety seriously. Our new shelter in place lifestyle is underway and there has been such a weird vibe around town. I found CHICKEN at Target this week! 1st time I’ve been able to purchase chicken in store in weeks! So it was MAJOR! Dillon is continuing to work from home & I am carrying on with nurse life at the hospital. Highlights of this week include:

Encouragement & Support

It’s the little things that make a big impact! Seeing this surprise signage & all the side walk chalk notes on the way into work were a nice pick me up. Thank you to all my friends & family for checking in and being so thoughtful. My friends Allison + Tena even sent me a Starbucks gift card!! It is a challenging time in healthcare, so every little thing helps! xo

Fruit & Veggie Wash

Just thought, I would pass on this recommendation… Fruit & Veggie wash! It can be found at Trader Joes or Harris Teeter. You spray the cleaner on your produce & give things a good rinse, it’s amazing how it makes things cleaner, fresher + helps it to last longer! My grapes were awesome for 3 weeks!

Eating Local TO GO

Dillon and I love eating out, but we’ve been doing really well making food at home. This past weekend we picked up one of our absolute favorites Q Shack BBQ they’re doing a takeout pic contest for a gift card, so that’s how I got Dillon to pose with me 😉

& here is a puzzle update

Devon & Lucas are working hard!

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