Happy Easter- Bunny Cake

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Wishing you all health & safety during this time, Easter is one of my most favorite holidays! Unfortunately, this year things will be a little different… I will be working & there won’t be any church services or family dinners due to social distancing.

I will miss Mom’s brunch buffet, but we’re still finding ways to celebrate at home anyways… and a bunny cake tradition is an easy one to keep!

All you have to do is bake a circle cake, slice in 1/2 and ice together… then use a knife to cut a notch out for the ears, use the excess cake to add a tail. Cover all of the cake with coconut shavings, use an M&M for the nose! We printed out bunny ears and added them to the cake & ta-da!

& there you go! A quick & easy idea to bring joy to your table this Easter season ๐Ÿ™‚

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