Happy Friday! Volume 15

Another week of COVID-19 social distancing, WFH & “quarantine life”

-We have been walking A LOT more

Fortunately, it has been awesome weather, 70+ degrees! I came across this ball in grass on one of our walks & thought this was the most appropriate emoji for right now, I mean same…

-I work with an AWESOME team

Work has been extremely challenging lately to say the least & just when I think things cannot get any crazier it does… I always knew that I worked with great nurses etc, but this past week they have really showed up. I am so impressed & thankful to work with + learn from my colleagues! Image provided by Duke Health.

-Cooking & Baking at Home

I am notorious for letting groceries go to waste or not thinking of cooking at home first -not proud of it! But lately I’m staying at home so much more, so I’m starting with what’s in the pantry when it comes to meals. Revoluntionary, I know! But I’m appreciating all of the baking, cooking & new ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay safe & at home, everyone! Wishing you all a happy holiday weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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