Warmer weather is on its way & we are so looking forward to it!! It has been a longgg winter & we have earned some sunny days!! It will be so nice not to have to bundle up before we go out together soon!


SO much growth over this past month! Not only have Lucy’s locks grown out, but she had a big play day date with Phoebe the Poodle!!! It made me so happy to see them play so well together! These 2 pups hit it off right from the start and ran circles around each other in the back yard!

Puppy socialization has been something we have really been working on, I want Lucy to enjoy being around other NICE dogs. Phoebe is so sweet & her larger size didn’t even seem to bother Lucy at all! It was really fun to see them enjoy each other & play nonstop!


We are having a major love / hate relationship with all this rain we’ve been having! phew! Lucy loves splashing in puddles & sprinting through the stormy weather, but the aftermath clean up is wild! I’ve gotten her a couple rain coats but had to return them because they didn’t quite fit right… Poor girly, she’s gotten a few extra baths here lately thanks to all the mud!


Lately Lucy wants to eat everything in sight, she is ready to attack any dinner plate or anything dropped on the floor. It’s so funny to me because she doesn’t even know what it is & she wants it!! When visiting Phoebe she wolfed down her entire food bowl?! I didn’t think anything of it until the upset stomach began…. we battled liquid stool for 5+ days?! I’m talking accidents, going out multiple times a night, lots of bathroom breaks -yuck! Fortunately, Lucy didn’t get dehydrated or extra sick but it was pitiful how urgently she had to use the bathroom, especially when she has had such great potty training etiquette lately. To our relief the chicken + rice diet WORKED!!! 1/3 chicken & 2/3 rice is the rule of thumb… we continued with 3/4 cup x2/day & mixed in her probiotic & chicken broth… We were worried she wouldn’t go back to dog food at the end of the week but thankfully she transitioned seamlessly, back to normal!


Lucy tucks herself in by herself now!! After our trip to Greensboro we didn’t put her pen back up, she now has her crate in the dining room and has free reign of the living room! If you get her spot on the couch she doesn’t mind, she will just sit on top of you & cuddle up!


With the exception of the tummy trouble post dog food switch up, Lucy has done so so well with telling us when she needs to go outside, she sits at the door & whines when she is ready. Whining is her new thing these days, especially at puppy class! Lucy wimpers when she wants something, if she’s trying to get your attention, when she is excited, when she’s lonely…. we’re still figuring it all out, but she is very talkative!!

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