Mommy to-be Registry: 2nd trimester

2nd trimester for me was, September – December, so many ladies said- “Wow! So lucky to not be pregnant in the Summer!” and while they are probably correct- I don’t know… I think it’s harder to dress during the fall & winter months pregnant than it would be for Summer. A typical fall, winter includes lots of layers, jeans, sweaters, boots, coats… this is an expensive wardrobe to recreate in a larger size! I definitely valued larger clothes during the 2nd trimester, this is when things began to shift much more!

any items marked with an are products I realized existed later on, but I would definitely use them if I were to get pregnant again & I don’t want to forget about them!

DOKOTOO JUMPSUIT | Began to wear these around the house & even to events with a long sleeve shirt on underneath, very comfy & versatile, no tight waist lines for me, anymore!

VICK’S VAPOR RUB | To help with the nasal congestion, it is still raging, especially at nighttime

FELT LETTER BOARD | A fun way to display announcements or milestones during pregnancy! & can be used later for baby

COMFY SLIDES | My feet grew ½ a size during pregnancy! So weird?! It was nice to have EXTRA soft cushions to wear and slides for easy on/off, I was hot so much I preferred the sandals

FACIAL WIPES | My skin continues to be irritable and greasy, these wipes help a lot during the day for a quick refresh

CHICKFILA APP | My favorite food ordering app- quick, easy + delicious for those sudden cravings or quick meal

CHAP STICK | Dry lips be gone!

*WEEKLY COUNT FRAME | A good way to celebrate the countdown to baby!

MATERNITY TOPS | So comfy, the extra fabric & give are awesome! Its weird when your belly starts to spill out from under your normal shirts

PEANUT BUTTER CRACKER SNACK PACKS | Snacks on snacks! I never knew when I would need something quick, so I kept a few packs in my bag or the car, we always joke this is “survival food” because you’re so full after!

BABY REVEAL GEAR | 2nd trimester post anatomy scan is a typical time to share the exciting news! We revealed baby girl with a balloon drop! Not too messy & very fun!

NAME IDEA BOOK | My sister gifted us with this book & it was great!! There were hundreds of different lists with lots of information about names & lots of ideas! The book was better than random internet searches for sure and I loved learning the in depth history of each name, etc

COKE | Guilty pleasure, I hate to admit it, but I was EXHAUSTED & 1 Coke on the way to work was just the boost I needed to make it through the day! I honestly usually don’t drink much soda, but this was NECESSARY

BABY BUB MATERNITY PILLOW | I didn’t see the need in a pregnancy pillow at all, especially a HUGE one! But once the belly started coming in, phew! & the back pain that followed, just the tiniest amount of support underneath was great at making laying on my side bearable!

COMPRESSION SOCKS | There is no way I could walk around without my compression socks! This was even the case pre-pregnancy when I was on the floor all day as a nurse, but on the floor all day as a pregnant nurse? You bet I wore these regularly!

BUMPSUIT | The Kate style, has been a great option to dress up or dress down, no uncomfortable waistlines to deal with and super soft material

FETAL DOPPLER MONITOR | This was a great tool to have at my disposal, I loved checking on baby girl in between appointments and hearing her heart beat strong! Lucy would always be amazed by the sound & try to get to the jelly! 😉

*FRIDA MOM SKIN SET | Your skin goes crazy during pregnancy & you can’t use your normal routine. I hated my acne, itchy dry skin and stretched, swollen skin. This kit covers them all & would’ve made my life much easier if I had found it sooner!

NEW DAD’S HANDBOOK | I got this book for Dillon quickly into our pregnancy and it was great!! It totally thought of everything and had a quick couple of pages for each week and explicitly instructed the Dad’s on ways to help out, think ahead and pitch in. I appreciated the book doing this for me when I was too tired to!

BABY REVEAL PINK/BLUE POPPERS | Another fun way to reveal if baby is a boy or girl! Be sure to order early though! Luckily I had the balloons as a back up idea 😉

HOT CHOCOLATE | Craved hot chocolate! Warm, sweet, delicious… never drank much before, but I have LOVED it lately!

BAREFOOT DREAMS BLANKET | You’re pregnant, you deserve the splurge! This is the softest, coziest, comfiest blanket. Absolutely perfect for those afternoon or evening naps on the couch! Everyone’s favorite blanket at the house these days!

MOCKTAILS | I found a lot of fun, new mocktails on the menu, especially while we were in New York City! Take the chance to try new things, you will be surprised how good they actually are!

*COUNTDOWN BLOCKS | It was fun to have these on the counter to keep up with milestones, I’ll be able to use them after the baby is born too!

MATERNITY LEGGINGS | Another item I *thought* was unnecessary, boy was I wrong!! If there was any waistline going across my belly it was super painful, tight and had to go! There wasn’t a legging stretchy enough to wear for me! I know people love the align leggings, but I wasn’t interested in spending $$$ on leggings that will hopefully only fit me for a short period of time

*WEEKLY MILESTONE MARKERS | These are fun ideas for pictures! I’ve also seen skin tattoos or stickers used for this! Its nice to have the label in the picture, you think you will be able to remember exactly when the picture was taken, but you won’t. Make it easier for everyone and include a label

SNEAKERS | I got these Adidas Ozelle sneakers for the day-to-day wear, had to go up a half size and they were great. My actual lifesaver when trekking through NYC

BREATHE RIGHT STRIPS | My saving grace when trying to fall asleep and breathe simultaneously, they really worked!

*SEATBELT ADAPTER | This is a great idea, a seatbelt adapter that contours the seatbelt safely around a pregnant belly while keeping you secure. Again, anything across the belly is a no go, so a conventional seatbelt isn’t the best option. Driving while pregnant can make you feel very anxious, precious cargo!

TUMS | I had a TUMS container for the car, the kitchen, my lunch box, my nightstand… pregnancy acid reflux is NO JOKE. If I ever wondered what if felt like to swallow lava, now I know!

STORAGE BINS | For me personally, it was so frustrating to go into my closet and sift through clothes that didn’t fit just to get to my maternity section on a back shelf. In the midst of my annoyance one day I boxed up everything I wasn’t wearing and removed it from the closet entirely! It was great!! I do a big seasonal change like this anyways, but to go into my closet and know everything there fits and I could see what was available to me was wonderful!

OIL BLOTTING WIPES | Handy to keep in my bag for the long days at work, etc. pregnancy skin! Eww!    

Phew! Can’t believe how far we’ve come! Baby girls birthday is quickly approaching?! Wow!

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