Second Trimester Bumpdate!


I am so pleased & thankful to report that baby GIRL is doing great!! She is growing so well, right on target, her heart beat is STRONG and she moves so much!! Since November (22 weeks) the little flutters have turned to full on kicks and it is so surreal. Her anatomy scan was perfect! Everything is where it needs to be & she is getting bigger + stronger every day! I love keeping up with the developmental milestones along the way, it still seems completely INSANE that a whole baby is growing inside me?! She’s grown from the size of a lemon to a head of cauliflower.


I have been so grateful and blessed by this experience so far, but once we got the full report from our anatomy scan that she was 100% OKAY– I just broke down in tears! There are so many steps to this process & I am very aware of all of the potential hiccups along the way. I haven’t been clinching my teeth or living in fear this entire pregnancy, but I didn’t really begin to feel extra excited until after the anatomy scan was complete. I have faith that God has a plan for us & this baby, but I also do not take any good news for granted. For now I’m taking everything in stride, day by day…. praying for a full term pregnancy & safe labor + delivery experience. This belly & I are growing every day, but I still can’t believe that we are actually going to have a whole real baby in our arms… very soon! I love babies & children, I wish pregnancy was just as fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 2nd trimester has been somewhat “normal” my vital signs are all great, BP: 100s/60s & HR: 60s and while I’m not toting a giant belly, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been! My placenta is in the posterior position so I can feel her movement really well, especially at night 9-11pm and of course when I’m trying to sleep! There is no time to slow down between- work/school/moving/traveling, but I’m adjusting to the shortness of breath, muscle soreness, increased appetite, fatigue, major heart burn, insanely high estrogen levels- leukorrhea, painful leg cramps & general discomfort doing normal tasks.

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We’ve had a lot of fun 2nd trimester! See: {September Recap} {October Recap} {November Recap} Baby has been on the move attending the- Pooch Plunge, 2 weddings, 2 football games, traveling to: Asheville, Blowing Rock & Boone NC. She attended College Game Day on ESPN, her very 1st party in HER honor- {Reveal Party!} & ate her very 1st Thanksgiving mealS -we LOVED ALL of the FOOD!! The biggest adventure of all was her first airplane flight to NEW YORK CITY for BRAVOCON, we met so many celebs & bravolebs!! Not many people could tell I was pregnant, but we got so many well wishes from the ladies we got to talk longer with! Dillon & I officially CLOSED on our house, so we moved out of our apartment in the midst of the holiday craziness & end of the semester wrap up. I can’t wait until next year, once we’re much more settled in & will be celebrating the holidays with our little girl!! I am so thankful!

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